One must look after one’s own body

  • Dec-18-2014

One is responsible for looking after one’s own health. It is important to try things that one believes are beneficial, without relying solely on doctors. That is a principle that I live by.

At the age of 27 I was hospitalized with acute hepatitis, and this has had an effect on shaping my views. I was in a critical condition and was told to have complete bed rest. I was even forbidden to get up to use the toilet. I was told that I would be hospitalized for 6 months and that I would not live to 40 if I drank alcohol; he told me, “The rest is up to you”.

With a strong determination to cure myself on my own, I obtained as many books on Eastern medicine as I could. I came across one book that taught how to “heal livers with livers” and I thought that this was it. I asked my wife to prepare liver teriyaki for me every day and made a remarkable recovery within two weeks. I was discharged after a mere 29 days. I did not tell my doctor about my liver diet and so he was astounded by my speedy improvement.

At the age of 40, a health checkup told me that my cholesterol, blood sugar, and uric acid levels were all high. As there is a history of diabetes in my family, I avoided sweet things and began to drink black vinegar, which my friend had recommended to me. I would dilute the vinegar with water and drink this every morning and evening. This led to the improvement of all the bodily levels that I was concerned about. This has been the secret to my health ever since.

As I reached my mid-60s, my back began to curve and my stomach began to stick out. I began to feel old. I joined a gym out of fear that if something didn’t change, nothing I wear would suit me.

My trainer told me that the curved back was a result of not moving my shoulder blades enough, and the large stomach a result of weakened muscles close to the trunk. I was taught how to train my abdominal muscles and to use weights, which soon led my posture to improve drastically.

Because of my illness at 27, I was able to recognize the importance of a well-balanced diet and the need to look after myself. Taking good care of oneself seems to me the secret to a healthy life.