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What was your first impression of our knit shirts?

It was soft to the touch and marginally thicker than my regular cotton shirts. The knit component also adds an element of stretch which I appreciate. This made the Kamakura knit shirt immediately more attractive compared to other cotton shirts I own.

When do you wear our knit shirts?

All the time!
I can wear the knit shirt like a dress shirt (with double breasted suits) and I can also wear them semi casual (sports jackets).

I work in a high activity retail environment. A day can include; attending to customers, packing orders, making deliveries, moving hundreds of kilos worth of stock, participating in meetings and then going out to a four hour lunch. The pique shirt allows me freedom of movement and comfort while looking professional.


How would you describe the benefits of the knit shirt?

Pure cotton and non-iron.
Simply, wash and wear.

Other ‘non-iron’ shirts I have bought, are often promoted as 100% cotton, non-iron, and ‘wash and wear’. However, these shirts are often sprayed or treated with synthetic fibers.

Rather than draping and molding over my torso, they sit away from my body the way a cheap suit would.

The Kamakura shirt is always soft and beautiful to wear.

I bought my first Kamakura shirt four years ago, it was the “Blue Pique knit”. I still have that shirt and wear it at least once a fortnight. That shirt is still non-iron and impressively, has maintained its color while showing little sign of any wear.

It is still my favorite shirt.

What is your advice to those wanting to try our knit shirts?

Don’t jump in and purchase a load of shirts immediately. New customers should first refer to Kamakura’s sizing guide. They should then buy 1-2 shirts initially to find their preferred fit. Then they can go crazy and buy every knit shirt option Kamakura offer (as I did).

There are two fit options:
Tokyo Fit – this option is suited to those who are slim
New York Fit – accommodates those who are more regular in form (round in places).
(I once mistakenly bought a size medium Tokyo Knit shirt and I could barely put it on).

*For your first exchange due to sizing issues, we at Kamakura Shirts Global Online Store will reimburse the cost of delivery to Japan to your account in accordance with our reimbursement policy. Please contact us for more information.

My fit – I buy a size medium ‘New York’, my chest is 102 cm, waist 33 inches, my neck is 40-41. Upon the first wash I did notice that the shirt does shrink by approximately 2-3%.

By taking this into account, I end up with a knit shirt that will fit well and that I will enjoy wearing for many years to come.


Richard T Phan, Director at Ludlows, Legal Regalia. Melbourne, Australia.
A customer of our Global Online Store.


Special thanks to Richard T Phan and his friends.

Photographer – Gerry Nelson

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