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  • Good Shirts for a Good Cause

    With the latest release of our Vintage Ivy series, we've decided that the best way of honoring the countless musicians, artists, and icons that have inspired our style is to contribute back to the communities they hailed from and frequented, especially here in New York.
  • The Button-down: Part 6

    You may ask, what's the big deal about this new button-down shirt that we've been discussing? Well, let us answer that.
  • The Button-down: Part 5

    Recreating a button-down shirt without interlining became our goal. That is how the original was made, after all.
  • The Button-down: Part 4

    When we first opened our store in New York in 2012, we were dismayed to find that many of the so-called "original" button-down shirts in the States were all wrinkle-resistant, and fusible interlining was used for the collars.
  • The Button-down: Part 3

    This is a story I heard directly from Mr. Toshiyuki Kurosu, the Product Development Manager of VAN Jacket - our Alma Mater.
  • Vintage Ivy and the New York Dream

    Our New York store had to succeed no matter what.
  • The Birth of Kamakura Shirts

    When we first began, our store was on the second floor, above a convenience store, and so we knew selling shirts was going to be a challenge.
  • The Spirit of Caring

    A merchant can only do business by responding to demand, and fulfillment of wants is guided by the heart, and not by the body.
  • The Button-down: Part 2

    The button-down has a special place in the world of dress shirts.
  • Kindness

    Kindness sometimes causes someone else to become unhappy. True kindness has the power to see the whole picture and accomplish what you believe will be good for yourself and others.
  • The Button-down: Part 1

    The button-down shirt is unique and a convenient, as it may be worn formally and casually. It was born out of America’s practical-mindedness, and has grown into something that signifies nostalgia and comfort.
  • The meaning of 'Made in Japan'

    “Manufacturing” and “Craftsmanship” were said to be Japan’s specialty. To keep such fine craft alive, we must reevaluate our lifestyle to reflect culture, sensibility and emotions: an approach that promises a better standard of living and self-actualization through the joys of clothing.