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Good Shirts for a Good Cause

At Kamakura Shirts, we've always prided ourselves on offering inherently "good" shirts.

Our shirts are honestly made by workers in small, local Japanese factories, and sold at non-inflated prices. Over the past few months, we've reflected on what we can do to be even better. With the latest release of our Vintage Ivy series, we've decided that the best way of honoring the countless musicians, artists, and icons that have inspired our style is to contribute back to the communities they hailed from and frequented, especially here in New York.

This is why we're donating a portion of proceeds from our new green oxford Vintage Ivy shirt, inspired by Miles Davis and his contemporaries, to Harlem-based organizations: supporting the next generation of local musicians and artists.

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"This shirt isn't your standard white OCBD. This is a light green oxford, it stands out, and that is what jazz is all about.

When I think of jazz, I think about bold colors and expressions. Coincidentally, the image of New York is the same. Bold people and colors, everyone wanting to stand out, and no one afraid to express themselves.

Walking around wearing this shirt, it made me reminisce on past summers. It made me think about the ice cream man that always drives around the neighborhood, the same song on loop that everyone is familiar with. It brought back images of kids playing with an open fire hydrant, defending themselves against the scorching sun. Between these flickering images of my personal life, I caught myself wondering what summer must have been like, way back when, in this same city.
This shirt is great for anyone looking for something different."

– Tyrell, Kamakura Shirts NY

​"I always try to wear the clothes - and not let the clothes wear me.

Miles Davis is a perfect example of that. He wasn't just a talented musician, he was cool all around.
He had great taste in clothes and automobiles.

He had the finer things in life, because he wanted to command respect."

– Elias, @staycrispymyfriends

"I always think that clothing should reflect your character.

Many people wear clothes like a weapon. If you were to ask my opinion, clothing should be worn effortlessly, without any restrictions. Miles Davis is a perfect example of that. I appreciate his style, his taste, and how nonchalantly he and his contemporaries pulled it all off.

I’m wearing my most comfortable jeans, with a boxy button down shirt. Baseball cap to cover up my messy hair. Nothing is overly showy. I like to keep it simple, and let the colors speak for themselves."

– Peter, @peter_schuuu

​"On the cover of his 1958 album Milestones, Miles Davis subverted a standard issue garment that Ivy Leaguers claimed their own by wearing an immaculate green oxford cloth button-down shirt.
It was the Ivy look with attitude. This is Kamakura’s tribute to an unassailable hip musician."

– Graham Marsh