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The Button-down: Part 4

White button-down shirt collar with shell buttons.

When we first opened our store in New York in 2012, we were dismayed to find that many of the so-called "original" button-down shirts in the States were all wrinkle-resistant, and fusible interlining was used for the collars. The collar was hard, and the roll lost its beautiful curve. It seemed like New Yorkers we talked to were both unsatisfied and disappointed with the shirts available on the market.

This marks the first major selling point for our collar roll and its soft touch. Around this time a dispute over “the ideal button-down shirt” began.

One day, we found a comment online.

“Kamakura Shirts must have skilled workers. They should be able to produce even higher quality shirts if they learn from traditional shirt makers and develop button-down shirts without collar interlining.”

Long-established American brands initially rolled out the button-down shirt, and it has been an American classic ever since. As is with classical music, the manner in which the music is adapted and played reflects the times, though the score stays the same.

This is why making button-down shirts in the traditional American box silhouette made sense to us, as when we made similar straight cut jackets at VAN. We decided to keep the beautiful roll of the collar with a clear vertical line in mind. Having said that, the first button-downs on the market were too broad, and didn’t complement the silhouette at all. This could improved by modern technology, which is why we decided to used our own uniquely engineered shirt pattern.

We named the aforementioned collection of revived classic button-down shirts “SPORT” - a masterpiece to live up to expectations.

— Yoshio Sadasue, Founder, Kamakura Shirts