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The Button-down: Part 6

Button-down dress shirts in red, blue, and yellow with a matching sport jacket.

You may ask, what's the big deal about this new button-down shirt that we've been discussing? Well, let us answer that.

The world is filled with data. After monitoring past data from shopping activities, companies are able to analyze consumers, give them suggestions, and secure purchases. In other words, this is the accumulation of one's past determining the future.

Certainly, I think that is a systematic and clever way of marketing, but I also think that it can be limiting, and hinder personal evolution.

It is human nature to feel a preference for sudden opposites, whether it be in clothing, food, or romance. I don’t think there is a logical explanation behind this. Circumstances that cannot be analyzed logically cannot, in turn, be reasonably predicted by artificial intelligence. Illogical thinking is part of human nature, and is important to each individual.

Think about the meaning of life, lifespan, and the concept of time. Think about the reason behind faith. What is love? What is the past? What is the reason behind thinking about all these things? Captivation - when the human heart is captivated by great music, art, or design, consciousness is elevated. Without these experiences, every day becomes a continuation of yesterday.

In today’s world, everything is easily consumed. Things are mass produced without any thought or belief or passion. Surprisingly, it seems many consumers are satisfied with that.

What we have done is look for something in the past which has now become unnecessary in an age that values logicality and efficiency. By shining the spotlight on the past, I hope to show something truly genuine. That, for us, is our button-down shirt. I anticipate being mocked, as I appear to be turning back the clocks in the world of manufacturing…

Nevertheless, we are proud to have recreated a disappearing treasure of America’s Ivy world.  A modern reader like yourself may laugh and think it is meaningless.

Even if that is the case, we ceaselessly continue to challenge ourselves to do what we believe is good and genuine. We hope that experiencing our shirts will inspire a new sense for the good and genuine in you, too.

— Yoshio Sadasue, Founder, Kamakura Shirts