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Kamakura Shirts and COVID-19 (Updated: April 1)

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With all of our thoughts on COVID-19, we wanted to share an update on how Kamakura Shirts is responding. The safety and health of our community, including our loyal customers, is always of the utmost importance to us.

In an effort to protect our customers and employees, we have decided to temporarily close our 400 Madison Avenue store. We have extended our store close indefinitely in compliance with emergency protocol outlined by New York State as a clothing retail business. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our pages accordingly once we know a date from which we may continue our regular store operations.

Though our brick and mortar is closed, our website remains open. Accordingly, we have enabled free shipping on all orders. Our staff is available, as always, through email at [ ] and phone [ 1-888-677-0637 ] during the hours of 9AM to 6PM.

These are difficult days for everyone around the world.
Your support and patronage is what keeps us running even though the darkest times, and allows us to continue to provide for our staff and workers: especially those in our Japanese factories who have been fighting this crisis even longer than we have in the states.

That being said, rest assured. As per information released from the CDC, COVID-19 is spread person to person, primarily through respiratory droplets. Our shirts are sewn with meticulous attention to sterile handling, then shipped in protective plastic bags. In short, our shirts are processed in environments that are designed to prohibit any surface transmission of the disease.

In accordance with New York state mandates, we will not be able to process returns for an extended period of time. We process our returns directly and not at a supply warehouse or shipping center, which means our workforce is deemed non-essential. We will be unable to retrieve or inspect packages until it is deemed safe to return to our workplace.

While we will still gladly accept returns, please double-check both your orders before placing them and measurements of clothes you may already own before ordering, using our new measurement and fit guides. This will not only help avoid unnecessary delays in refunds or exchanges, but ensure that you'll be purchasing an ideal fit.

We wish to emphasize that, as always, you are safe to shop with us, and we hope that our beautifully made shirts will provide you an escape in this difficult time.

We urge our customers and employees to be safe, and please look out for one another.

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