Our first overseas store on Madison Avenue, New York, is celebrating its 7th anniversary in October.
Our aim was to become one of the world’s top shirt specialty stores. The store on Madison Avenue was our first step in reaching that dream.
As a token of our gratitude, we are offering special items for a limited time.



Selvedge (a portmanteau of self and edge) fabric is woven into itself to keep from unraveling at the edge.

Modern weaving machines are unable to achieve the unique puff of fabric visible in selvedge.

As a result, we utilize rare, old shuttle looms specifically designed to make selvedge fabrics.

The mark of selvedge cloth can be found in a red line running along the edge of the fabric, which we proudly feature in our shirts.

We wash and press the shirt once to show the soft, worn nature a true oxford provides.


About the SPORT series

The front placket, collar, and cuffs contain no interlining, giving a phenomenal roll to the collar in particular.

The length of the cuffs is shortened slightly for a vintage feel.

Similarly, an elegant drape in the back is created through a 2mm narrowing of the yoke.

Sewing in the collar area is difficult to execute due to an elegant, elongated collar point, marking the mastery of our craft.


for the most ideal fit

We are now able to accept requests for SPORT style collars and cuffs in Made to Measure.

Pair the look with our special edition selvedge oxford fabrics for a truly timeless style.

Only available for a limited time.

Traditional Japanese Patterns

An artistic endeavor in pocket squares

Featuring traditional Japanese patterns printed in silk.

Available only as a complete set.

Bamboo stripe: Takejima (left)

A New Year's pine decoration is accompanied by thick bamboo.

Bamboo, which shows vitality throughout the year, has long been used as a sacred plant for divination.

Fine Patterns of Ise: Sanbyaku Gojissen (center)

Many patterns are neglected in the selection of dyeing methods,

but this pocket square features more than 350 different fine patterns arranged in a lattice pattern.

Waves of water: Namimon (right)

A pattern of sea, lake and river waves.  

Multiple types of waves occurring in nature are illustrated, such as swells, wind waves, and tidal waves.

Store Exclusive Giveaway

A Kamakura Shirts Original

Traditional Japanese folding fan, made of shirt fabric.

Receive with any in-store* purchase of two selvedge SPORT shirts, or one selvedge MTM.

* Madison Avenue store only

Thank you so much!
NY 7th Anniversary

New York's Seventh Anniversary

To be loved by so many, we have reached a milestone that feels like a dream.

Onwards and upwards. We will continue to live up to our customers' expectations.

Yoshio Sadasue, Chairman of Maker's Shirt Kamakura

400 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017
(Between 47th & 48th Street)

Mon – Fri 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sat & Sun 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

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