We live in a world where quality and reliability have fallen by the wayside in the pursuit of lowering the bottom line.
From our inception, Kamakura Shirts has rejected this model of business by only producing what is necessary, and to the absolute best of our ability.

We have made it our goal to provide high quality clothing made with the utmost care, made in harmony with several top of the line factories throughout our native Japan. This has allowed us to preserve traditional and ethical methods of craftsmanship, resulting in beautiful shirts made to last. Our unique relationship with our partnered factories provides us with shirts made to a reliable quality within a stable manufacturing cycle. The finished shirts are delivered directly to our stores where we make an open dialogue with you, our customers, resulting in feedback that becomes a cornerstone in our forthcoming conversations with the factories themselves.

By personally handling every aspect of our business and streamlining our production, we are proud to bring you honestly made yet reasonably priced goods.
We aim for our shirts to be both accessible and an investment, without anything extraneous or hidden in their making.
When you wear Kamakura Shirts, we want you to feel our dedication to preserving the hallmarks of truly timeless craftsmanship.

Recently, there has been a resurgence of interest in traditional styling, making “classic” and “traditional” keywords that are often used.
The heavy texture of fabrics such as tweed and flannel, long used for jackets and suits, appeals to all men, even those who were not there to experience the height of their popularity first-hand in the U.K. or U.S. a hundred years ago. The “tasteful” and “charming" styles associated with these fabrics will stand the test of time.
Dress shirts in men’s clothing have the difficult and important role of complementing the complexion of the gentlemen wearer.
This season's shirt collection features a wide selection of white and blue shirts, which are of course essential to any wardrobe, as well as classic patterns like tattersall, gingham, Glen checks, Bengal stripes, and traditional weaves like twill and herringbone.
We have chosen an off-white color, a warmer tone for the “whites” because we know a little warmth could help when the days can get so cold. Navy, burgundy, and green are the colors of our Bengal striped shirts, inspired by British winter skies and the reserved, toned-down colors that would look elegant beneath them.
Picture that moment you see an Oxford shirt at the cuff of a sporty flannel jacket. Or the moment you see an elegant jacquard tie that perfectly matches the striped shirt and navy suit worn with it.
That is when a business shirt, which was merely a supporting role for the businessman, shines like the main character that’s there to save the day.

The softly textured fabric is perfect during the cold winter months. You can best experience the softness and suppleness of cotton with our 200/4PLY shirts. The special fabric is woven from four twisted extra-fine 200 count yarns. Enjoy the even finer 300 count (shirts) available in a variety of designs to match its superb quality.

If only there was a shirt that you could take on a trip without worrying about the creases…That was the thought behind our PALPA shirt. It was important for us to create a shirt that had the same soft-feel as a cotton dress shirt while being highly wrinkle-resistant. No chemical treatments are used. Just a polyester core coated in a beautiful Indian and Australian cotton blend.

You can’t go wrong with a plain white/blue shirt.
Our selection of basic shirts are perfect for any occasion, whatever the season.

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