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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I tell what my fit/size is?

We have a fit guide explaining all of our different fits and their measurements here.
If you already own one of our shirts, check the label which provides your size in both inches and cm.
If you do not own one of our shirts, we recommend getting a tape measure and going to our measurement page to learn which one of the styles in our fit guide suits you.

2. I'm a 15-33 at a different brand. Can I order the same here?

Sizing differs across brands. Compare the measurements of your shirt to our measurements on our fit guide to find your closest match.

3. What is the difference between the Tokyo Fit and New York Fit?

Originally, we only made the Tokyo Fit, our standard model. Our New York fit was born from a need to accommodate taller sizes while still preserving the slim and classic body types.

4. What is the Vintage Fit?

Our Vintage Ivy collection used to be split between Tokyo and New York, just as the rest of our collection was. We found this to be unfaithful to traditional American vintage tailoring, and decided to make a whole new fit only for Vintage Ivy.

5. My shirt's measurements are different than advertised.

Our shirts' measurements should be accurate to our fit guide within a 2% margin of error. We also include this amount for shrinkage.

Garment Care

1. How do I wash my shirt?

We recommend a cold water wash with no abrasive chemicals, hanging the shirt up to dry.
Linen, especially, is best left to dry in a shady place.
Applying heat in context other than ironing leaves your shirt at risk for shrinkage beyond the standard variation.

2. Is there shrinkage?

Yes, our shirts have up to 2% shrinkage with cold water washing.
We have factored this into our measurements, and shirts fresh out of the bag include extra fabric for shrinkage.

3. I want to leave my shirt at the dry-cleaners.

While an experienced dry-cleaner should be meticulous with our shirts, not every dry cleaner is the same.
As such, we can not condone dry-cleaners universally due to variations in practices.
We are not responsible for any potential damage to our shirts at the hands of a cleaning service.

4. I want a non-iron shirt.

All of our shirts will require a little bit of ironing.
Our wrinkle-resistant shirts are much more resilient to wrinkles, but will require a light press once in a while.

5. Will denim fade or bleed?

Denim is a twill fabric made with indigo dye.
This runs the risk of bleeding on any fabric that is not similarly toned, and will fade with wear.
This is to be expected and encouraged, as unique fading of denim in pressure points (such as is seen at the knee in jeans) gives the textile its hard-wearing and unique character.

Orders and Shipping

1. Can I cancel my order?

As of September 18th, due to increased order volume we are no longer able to cancel orders after they are placed.

2. Can I combine shipping on two separate orders?

Unfortunately, we can not combine shipping if orders have been placed separately.

3. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

We are a distributor explicitly to the United States.
If you would like to ship elsewhere in the world, please visit our Global Online Store.

4. How long does it take to ship?

Our standard delivery takes 3 to 7 days, plus an additional 1 to 2 days for processing.
This includes our free shipping over $138 offer.
If you require expedited shipping, please choose an appropriate option through UPS and FedEx when checking out.
We can not adjust the 1-2 day processing time.
During high volume order periods such as Black Friday, processing times will vary.

5. My package is lost or damaged. What do I do?

We have no control over a shipment once a package departs our warehouse.
Please contact your elected postal carrier to try and locate your package or pursue a claim.
When ordering, please make sure to provide a deliverable address.
If there are any issues with delivery for such reasons out of our control, we are not responsible for shipping delays or missing packages.


1. Do you provide gift wrapping?

Unfortunately, we do not provide gift wrapping.

2. Do you provide gift cards?

We no longer issue gift cards.

3. Do you provide sleeve alterations?

We are unable to accept any online requests regarding alterations.
We offer this service at our Madison Avenue location for $30 per shirt.

4. I want to order a Made to Measure shirt online.

We do not offer MTM services online.
If you have ordered a MTM shirt in the past and would like to reorder, please contact our Madison Avenue Store for assistance.

5. What is my shirt's product ID?

We list the product ID on each product page.
The key aspect of a given product ID usually consists of the first 6 characters.
This may also be found on the inside of any shirt, usually running along the left seam.
The collar label only shows the size, not the ID.


1. What is your return policy?

All orders placed on or after September 18th are final sale and are not available for return.
For orders placed before September 18th, please read our return policy and start your return here.

2. Can I return an item bought online to your brick-and-mortar?

We accept returns and exchanges from online orders placed before September 18th at our Madison Avenue store.
Bring the items you're returning and proof of purchase, such as invoice and order number.

3. I want an exchange or refund on my final sale item.

We can only make exceptions if an item is proven defective.


1. What is your U.S. domestic reward system?

We offer a free to join, point based tier membership that earns points per dollar spent.
These points can be converted to $50 off coupons in 5000 point increments.
We cannot convert or redeem points to a lower coupon amount.

2. How can I join and manage my points?

If you are already have an in-store loyalty account with us, you can activate your online account by using the same email address you registered at our store.
If you are new to Kamakura Shirts entirely, you may sign up online, but our online point system goes offline on October 5th.
Our in-store staff will still be able to apply coupons until the close of our Madison Avenue store.

3. How do I redeem my points?

Select the "Redeem Points" option after clicking on your point total, located on your account page.
If you have enough points, you can redeem them for a code that will give you $50 off.
One code can be applied per order.
You may also provide this code for in-store purchases.
Your point balance will go down upon code redemption, but the discount code will remain valid until you apply it to a purchase.

4. My balance seems wrong.

It can take a few minutes for us to process your activity and provide your points.
If you believe there is an error on your account, contact us.

5. Can I redeem my points during checkout?

Not directly. Please redeem points first for a code to apply during checkout.

6. I want to transfer my point balance between accounts, close an account, or combine accounts.

We can provide these services until our store closure. Please contact us.

8. What are the membership tiers?


Tiers Points received per dollar
Rank Amount spent to qualify
Navy $0 - $999 5 points
Silver $1000 - $3999 7 points
Gold $4000 - $8999 10 points
Platinum $9000 and more 15 points