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French Linen from Normandy

Small blue flowers mark the passing of June in Normandy.
These are the flowers of the flax plant - the source of linen, one of the oldest fabrics in the world.

Field of flax flowers
Sign reading

Normandy's climate experiences very little sun throughout the year.
Dense clouds cover the sky, and it often starts and stops raining. Countless blue flowers can be seen blowing in the wind.

We met these little flowers visiting a vast linen farm just over a year ago.

French countryside with field of flax flowers
Ocean on the coast of Normandy

The flax flower only blooms for one day during its lifetime. It takes about 10 months from here to become a shirt.
As producers, we search for the finest raw materials. As an ancient natural fiber, linen boasts a rich heritage.

Field with cows grazing
Moored boat by the seashore in Normandy

Not only is linen able to both retain and expel water with ease, but it also boasts excellent antibacterial and deodorant effects.
Due to these superior qualities, linen is often worn year-round in Europe.
The natural variations of the flax plant are responsible for its signature melange.

Wrapped flax fibers
French man waving in field

The mysteries behind this beautiful textile continue far before and beyond the harvest.
Linen qualities improve or decline depending on how it is handled and treated.
Farming methods play a major role in how the final fabric turns out.

Panorama of the coast of Normandy
Four french linen shirts folded on wood paneling

We are proud to make a linen shirt sourced from the best raw materials.
This is the world's most beloved linen, created by the nature of Normandy.