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Fit Guide

About our Fits

Our standard model is the Tokyo fit, available in slim and classic body types.
The New York fit is made for taller proportions, and also comes in both slim and classic.

Our knit shirts and our Untucked 134 series are manufactured in both Tokyo Slim and New York Slim fits.
In addition to the New York and Tokyo fits, our upcoming Vintage fit will be available only in our Vintage Ivy series. *

Please treat these tables as approximate, with a 2% margin of error. **

For the most comfortable fit, we recommend a shirt size that is 5 to 8 inches(or 13 to 20 cm) greater than your actual chest and waist measurements.














*Previous Vintage Ivy collections are based on a retired pattern, synonymous with Tokyo and New York fits.

**To compensate for shrinkage after the first few washes, the collar measurement on a new shirt will be 0.3 inches(0.8 cm) larger than indicated, and sleeve measurement will also be 0.6 inches(1.5 cm) larger.