Ivy Heritage, Kamakura Style

“Is there no one to take over my vision,

and make Japanese men fashionable?”

Those were the words of Kensuke Ishizu, founder of the VAN Jacket clothing company. Yoshio Sadasue, our chairman, worked for VAN Jacket, the company responsible for introducing American Ivy League fashion to Japan in the 1960s and 70s.

Sadasue immediately replied to him, “Then I will start a shirt store.”

He was secretly developing a business plan, one that focused on customers’ long-term happiness.

So it began in 1993, when Yoshio and Tamiko Sadasue opened their small shirt store above a convenience store in Kamakura.


It was their hope that, one day, their shirts and brand would be recognized by everyone, including those at the heart of Ivy League fashion, on the sacred ground of menswear, a place of admiration since the days of VAN Jacket: New York.

We have put every effort into producing shirts that can meet the highest expectations, and proudly label them 'Made in Japan.'

Our Promise of Quality

From the very start, Kamakura Shirts has been committed to ensuring the usage of quality materials, as well as a meticulously high standard of manufacturing.

The sewing techniques used in our native Japan exemplify precise craftsmanship and excellent skill. Upholding the principle “each stitch placed with the greatest care”, our shirts are delicately and meticulously sewn together. We finish them with single needle seams, and the shirt pattern itself is elegantly curved to fit around your body.

We research and develop new ideas together with the factories, and place emphasis on our construction.

These factories work as a team, not as rivals, and share techniques freely in order to promote better craftsmanship as a whole. In addition to working with factories, we deal directly with fabric mills and subsidiary material makers.

Truly, the Kamakura Shirts brand could not have grown without the outstanding manufacturers that support us.

We seek to restore the quickly disappearing art of craftsmanship and honor the makers of our garments, and have made it our goal to bring our finely crafted shirts not only to Japan, but to the world.

We thank you for being a part of our journey this New Year, and beyond.

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