About Our Vintage Ivy

0’Sのジャズミュージシャンやアイビーファッションに感銘をうけたThe IVY LOOKの著者で知られるグレアムマーシュ氏と鎌倉シャツは2012年に出会います。


Six reasons why the button-down remains the shirt of choice for pilgrims of the ivy look

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  1. the label that guarantees quality and excellent value.
  1. The shirts feature a six button front placket and real shell buttons.
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  1. Stitched with the greatest care, the classic one button barrel cuff.
  1. Soft roll button-down collar, the essence of the Ivy look.
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  1. Back collar button, locker loop and box pleet are essential details.
  1. Specially researched fabrics to recreate the look of the 1960s.