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Product image 1NEW YORK CLASSIC FIT (TUXEDO) (1291734548552)
Product image 2NEW YORK CLASSIC FIT (TUXEDO) (1291734548552)
Product image 3NEW YORK CLASSIC FIT (TUXEDO) (1291734548552)
Product image 4NEW YORK CLASSIC FIT (TUXEDO) (1291734548552)
Product image 5NEW YORK CLASSIC FIT (TUXEDO) (1291734548552)

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Fabric Reference

Product ID: NYC023103988
  • 100% cotton
  • 120(2ply)
  • Formal
  • French cuff
  • Long sleeve
  • Made in Japan
  • New
  • New york classic fit
  • White
  • Without pocket
  • Xinjiang cotton

*In this shirt 17 - 36 1/2 also belong to CLASSIC FIT. Accessories not included.
The Essential Elements
The finest quality materials
It is often said that the best chefs are relentlessly demanding about their ingredients. It is the same with master shirt makers. We pay meticulous attention when selecting the yarns that make up our fine cloths, just as if they were the freshest catch of the day. Most of the yarns selected for our fabrics have a minimum 80 cotton yarn count (2-ply), ensuring the most exquisite feel. We also frequently use 100 and 120 yarn count cotton, and have launched a series of sumptuous fabrics using an unprecedented 300 yarn count cotton.
The superior single needle
Our shirts are finished with single needle stitching, which is regarded as the sign of the finest quality shirts. Although it takes twice the time to sew compared to other common stitches, by rolling the edges inside the seams, the finished product has a smooth touch to the skin.
Buttons and intricate interlining
Shell buttons are the hallmark of luxury shirts. Buttons carved from natural shells each have a unique sheen, adding an understated but unmistakable sense of refinement. The selection of interlining needs to be carefully considered to achieve the ideal structured yet organically flowing form. We only use non-fusible interlining, in order to achieve a natural-looking soft touch to the collars and cuffs.
Precise patterns, beautifully cut
To achieve the best fit and hang, a skillfully prepared pattern is essential. In our search for the ultimate fit, we create an ideal balance between the dynamic of the fabric and the seamster's individual technique, redrawing and adjusting the patterns to perfection. It is through the precision of our patterns that we are able to achieve the subtle profile and flattering silhouette of our shirts. Beautifully cut panels are then elaborately stitched together by seamsters of the highest skill and dexterity.
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