Product image 1TOKYO CLASSIC FIT - CASHMERE BLEND (4367247212616)
Product image 2TOKYO CLASSIC FIT - CASHMERE BLEND (4367247212616)
Product image 3TOKYO CLASSIC FIT - CASHMERE BLEND (4367247212616)
Product image 4TOKYO CLASSIC FIT - CASHMERE BLEND (4367247212616)

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Fabric Reference

Product ID: PJCSD3104183
  • 5% cashmere
  • 95% cotton
  • Button cuff
  • Cashmere blend
  • Front placket
  • Herringbone
  • Long sleeve
  • Made in Japan
  • New
  • Seasonal
  • Spread
  • White
  • Without

Cashmere Blend

These special winter shirts have been created by spinning cashmere the jewel of fibers with superior quality cotton. To spin mixed fibers requires cotton of the highest quality as well as specialist knowledge and techniques available from only a handful of manufactures. The soft texture of cashmere against your skin, combined with the absorbency of the cotton, creates an enchanting indulgence that can only be enjoyed this time of year.

The scarcity of cashmere equates to the luxury it symbolizes across all natural fibers. Cashmere fibers are extremely thin, and lends to the particularly soft texture this fabric offers.

While mohair is 25 to 45 microns in diameter, cashmere never exceeds 19 microns. The unique luster of cashmere fabric is another mark of alluring luxury.

When crimped cashmere fibers become entangled, the entrapped air between them forms an insulating layer that prevents heat loss.

Most shirts on the market at this time of year are still either 100% cotton or polyester mixed. We wanted to offer an affordable cashmere product that can easily be worn on a day to day basis.

Classic Fit

To create a traditional feel, the curve of the collar pattern has been reduced. The new pattern employs a lowered neckline to create a relaxed look when the collar is opened.
Compared to our slim fit, the sleeves and body have been kept spacious. By preserving the size of the back panel, together with bringing the side seams forward, we have incorporated the essential ideas of traditional British and American tailoring.
The special characteristic of our model is that its sleeves naturally point forward. The curve of the sleeve has been tailored to match that of the jacket, which in turn means the cuff of the shirt sleeve and the jacket are parallel.
To preserve a traditional look, the shirt has a wider front and sleeve plackets, and also features a wider stitch width in comparison to the Slim Fit. The sleeve plackets employ double stitches to keep this taste. Inspired by the Ivy League style, only the yoke has been narrowed.
The pocket has been placed slightly slanted on the shirt so that it will appear straight when worn. As an added Ivy Look detail, the stitch on the pocket is straight. (*Button-down shirts only.)
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