Product image 1TOKYO & NY SLIM FIT - SPORT x SELVEDGE (4283777286216)
Product image 2TOKYO & NY SLIM FIT - SPORT x SELVEDGE (4283777286216)
Product image 3TOKYO & NY SLIM FIT - SPORT x SELVEDGE (4283777286216)
Product image 4TOKYO & NY SLIM FIT - SPORT x SELVEDGE (4283777286216)

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Fabric Reference

Product ID: SJOR90244286
  • 100% cotton
  • 40single yarnparalleled yarn x20(2ply)
  • Button cuff
  • Button Down
  • Front placket
  • Long sleeve
  • Made in Japan
  • New
  • With pocket


Limited time offer our SPORT series is now available in Selvedge Oxford.


Selvedge (a portmanteau of self and edge) fabric is woven into itself to keep from unraveling at the edge. Modern weaving machines are unable to achieve the unique puff of fabric visible in selvedge. As a result, we utilize rare, old shuttle looms specifically designed to make selvedge fabrics. The mark of a selvedge cloth can be found in the red line running along the edge of the fabric, which we proudly feature in our shirts.





The unique, soft roll of the collar has been made possible by removing the interlining. The long points of the SPORT collar are extremely difficult to perfect, but has been done so by seamsters of the highest experience.
Front Placket & Cuff Width
The front placket is slightly wider, and the cuff width along the sleeve is slightly narrower than our other button-down shirts. As with the collar, the placket and cuffs do not use interlining to create the classic, nostalgic look. The cuff size (around the wrist) has not changed
The fit and sizing is the same as our Slim Fit model. The sleeves naturally point forward and the curve of the sleeve has been tailored to match that of the jacket.
Pre-Washed Oxford
The shirt has been washed once already so that it feels soft from the very first time you wear it. The yoke is also narrower than our other button-down shirts.

Slim Fit

The inside and outside of the collar use different patterns to create a beautifully engineered, compact design. By using a technique known as shirring, we've created an elegant collar that wraps around your neck.
The shirt pattern has been improved by making the front panel larger and the back smaller than our previous slim fits. For a slim appearance and fit, the waist point and back darts have been lowered too.
The sleeves have been made slimmer, and point forward naturally. The curve of the sleeve has been tailored to match that of the jacket, which in turn means the cuff of the shirt sleeve and the jacket are parallel.
The smaller 9 mm diameter top button complements the sharp look of the collar. To match the elegant feel of the new model, the front placket, sleeve placket and stitch width have been narrowed.
The pocket has been placed slightly slanted on the shirt so that it will appear straight when worn. As an added elegant detail, the stitch on the pocket is triangular. (*Button-down shirts only.)
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