Valentine 2023

Happy Valentine's Day

A necktie is an item that is worn in every situation where a suit is worn. Even for men who rarely wear suits, it would be useful to have several ties for formal occasions such as weddings. Necktie is a popular item for the gift-giving scene, as the lack of size makes it easy to choose. The color and pattern you choose for a tie will change the impression it conveys to the recipient. We will introduce the impression of each pattern and Kamakura Shirts' recommended ties.

1. Botanical Tie (Cocoa)
Dot & Regimental

Reminiscent of chocolate from its color scheme, this tie is a botanical tie with dye extracted from cacao bean waste. The brown color has a psychological effect of warmth and goes well with white shirts, making it a great gift.


2. Regimental (Stripe)

A classic regimental pattern that gives a fresh and intelligent impression. It also goes great with striped shirts by changing the width of the pitch between the shirt and the tie. It also goes perfectly with plain white or blue, so you can broaden your coordination if you have one.


3. Solid

Solid ties (plain) are the easiest to coordinate with a shirt. When worn with a white shirt, it gives a simple impression. When matching a solid navy tie, which is the royal roadmap, it is best to match it with a tone darker than the suit's base color to create a cohesive look.



4. Small Pattern

Small patterns comes in a variety of designs, including floral patterns and animals. The larger the pattern, the more classic the impression. Smaller patterns are more smart and coherent for business wear.



5. Dot

The smaller the dots, the more formal and elegant the impression. A simple design allows for a wide range of coordination. The darker the base color, the more chic and relaxed the impression, so it is also recommended for business use.