Men's Shirt Fabrics


A plain weave fabric called poplin in the UK. The finer the count, the denser and silky the touch. At Kamakura Shirts, we use from a range of 80th to 300th count. A typical material for dress shirts.



A coarse fabric made from thick yarn, mainly used for button-down shirts. Small wrinkles are not noticeable, because the fabric is think and has strong elasticity. Considered the least dressy of our standard cottons, oxford cloth has remained a staple of casual shirting.


The fabric weight is lighter and the texture is finer compared to the regular oxford cloth. The dense construction of the fabric makes the pinpoint less transparent than the broadcloth and slightly more durable. Recommended for the office, and less so for formal occasions.



This fabric uses a finer yarn than the pinpoint oxford and has a dressy luster. This patterned solid white fabric is often worn formally, or when a little less transparency than broadcloth is needed for a standard spread collar dress shirt.



It refers to fabrics woven on a dobby loom. There are various dobby patterns and many have a glossy pattern, which is mainly for suit styles.

*The photo is an example of one of many dobby fabrics.



Twill is one of the basic weaves for textiles. The warp and weft threads appear in diagonal ridges. It is characterized by its plump thickness and soft texture. 



End-on-end is a closely woven, plain weave that appears solid from a distance. Upon close inspection, end-on-end alternates light and dark threads for a faint heather effect, similar to chambray. Unlike chambray, end-on-end is typically lightweight and especially ideal for the warmer months.



It is a fabric that is woven at a high density and has good elasticity, good release from the skin, and a moderate dress feeling. It is mainly preferred in spring and summer because of its refreshing appearance.



Leno, also known as a gauze weave, corresponds to a breathable fabric consisting of yarns meticulously twisted in a diamond-like pattern. Thanks to the weight of these twisted yarns leno fabric has body, but the open weave left by the diamonds makes a definitively lightweight shirt.



A twill woven fabric that uses colored threads for the warp threads and white threads for the weft threads. It is more durable than chambray, and the thread color appears strongly on the surface of the diagonal ridges, so you can enjoy the color change from the discoloration.



A plain weave fabric that uses colored threads for the warp threads and white threads for the weft threads. Since both threads show evenly on the surface, a pale, slightly jewel-like color appears.



Pique is a style of fabric weave under the family of dobby fabrics. The modern polo shirt with raised texture is a knit pique. Accordingly, knit pique fabrics are most commonly seen in our line of stretchy jersey knit shirts.



It is characterized by unevenness and a light touch because it shrinks in stripes and has wrinkles that alternately appear. It is often used for summer shirts because it gives a cool impression and it is does not cling on the skin.



Panama cloth is soft and loose, with a fine, grainy surface. A form of basket weave deriving its name from the similarities it bears to a straw Panama hat, an ideal fabric for lightweight wear in summer. The threads cross over each other for a faint hint of texture, lending a hand to a casual air.



The cotton linen fabric combines the characteristics of smooth cotton and cool linen. Because it is blended with cotton, it is less likely to wrinkle and shrink than a 100% linen fabric. It has a smooth feel while retaining the natural texture of linen.



Linen is the backbone of the warm weather wardrobe. The distinctive plain weave is breezy and open, encouraging airflow and movement. This texture is emphasized by the individual strands of plant fiber making up the fabric, and is responsible for giving linen its distinctive natural touch.



The name comes from the fact that the weave resembles a herring's bone. The weaves that rise to the right and fall to the right alternate, giving the appearance of a continuous V-shape. It is a fabric that goes well with autumn and winter materials.



From the twill weave family. It is a smooth woven fabric with a rich luster. The three-dimensional ridge pattern is more noticeable than the regular twill.



A brushed cotton fabric with vertical ridges that is durable and has excellent heat retention.  



Kamakura Shirt's original easy-care fabric that wraps a smooth cotton around the polyester thread. In addition to wrinkle resistance, it also has quick-drying properties, providing time-saving care.