Our Collections

A striped blue and white broadcloth shirt folded with orange trousers, shoes, and sunglasses

Vintage Ivy

A collaborative effort between Graham Marsh and Kamakura Shirts, our partnership with the Ivy Style authority goes all the way back to the opening of our Madison Avenue store. These shirts have been made to exact specifications of the vintage shirts of yesteryear, lacking the final button seen on most dress shirts now, and available in a range of designs fine tuned to sensibilities thought abandoned. Vintage Ivy shirts are made in a unique, inch-based pattern called the Vintage Fit, different from all of our other shirts. Every year we release new, limited edition pieces with color palettes and designs unique to the Ivy timeline. See this year's lineup here.


 The rolled collar of a classic blue oxford button down


Our SPORT shirts aren't simply unlined Ivy collars. Sometimes, in broadcloth, we carefully sew a featherweight lining into them. Using only an elite group of craftsmen familiar with the iconic button-down shirts of the 1950's and 60's, we have recreated an authentic button down you simply cannot find elsewhere. We've perfected the look of casual cool once thought to be lost forever, thanks to a narrowed collar tip, elongated collar roll, shortened yoke, and narrow cuffs. No need to try too hard to look authentic, we've already done the work for you. Read more here.


A pile of folded colorful linen shirts and a straw hat

Casual 134

Patterned in our slim fit but with a little bit more room and in a flexibly short length, the 134 series was made for casual wear. Spanning linen, denim, and chambray, these shirts are perfect for wearing when you're aiming to impress, but don't want to bother with something you should only be wearing to work.