Holiday Gifts

We have a wide range of basic and high-quality items that can be used for a long time, from items that add a touch of elegance to business scenes.

What makes Kamakura Shirts so great?

Our policy is to "support all the business-people around the world”.
We believe that clothing in the business scene is a way to pay respect to others.
We have a wide range of appropriate items that are friendly to all ages and can be worn by all generations. We also emphasize the quality of our products so that they can be used for a long time. Our unique cost structure allows us to offer items at prices you can't get anywhere else.

Business shirts are recommended for those who wear suits and jackets daily.
Silhouettes are available in a sleek slim fit or a loose classic fit.

There are also various collar types, with the stylish spread, semi-spread and FRANCESE Italian spread collar which are preferred for suit styles, and the traditional button-down for business casual.

Kamakura Shirts' original easy-care shirts are very popular these days because they do not lose their form stability even after repeated washing.

If you don't know your shirt size, take a look here.


Ties are the king of gifts.

Ties are easy to choose because they don't come in different sizes, and you can never have too many ties. It is an item that sits right under your face, so you can change your impression freely depending on what you choose.

A solid navy tie is a standard item that any businessman should have several of, in different materials. Diagonal stripes (regimental) give a traditional and friendly impression. Paisley and small patterned shirts give a classical impression and are recommended for those who are particular about their suits.

It is also a great gift to coordinate with a shirt to your liking.


Scarves are indispensable in the cold season.

These scarves are available in variations that are easy to use both on and off the job, and in lengths that fit comfortably around the neck.

Especially in the business scene, where people tend to wear the same coat all the time, they can be used as an accent. We have a wide selection in cashmere and wool materials.