Our label that supports the working-from-home style and the new changing lifestyle.
The concept is:
"Comfortable, active, and sophisticated in any scene".

We do not carry just shirts, but also drawstring trousers and polo shirts.
We wanted to craft "functional products" that are suitable for the new working and living style.

Active Jersey Knit Shirt

A comfortable top disguised as a dress shirt.

These "Active Jersey Knit Shirts" are made from a comfortable elastic material. The shirt includes a moderately spacious waist and allows for movement in the shoulders and arms,
unlike a regular dress shirt.

Moreover, it is an easy-care, wrinkle-resistant material which means just wash and wear. Great for when you're working from home!

A shirt for the new normal lifestyle that you can easily wear and use without ironing.

Active Brown Jersey Knit Shirt (YKKP0937)
Active Gray Jersey Knit Shirt (YKKP0915)
Gray Cardigan (NM102718)
Trousers (ZMBK16A1)


Active Long Sleeve Polo

An option besides dress shirts

A long-sleeved polo shirt with cuffs and a button-down collar.
Perfect for a business-scene if you pair it with a jacket.
These shirts are extremely comfortable and give a relaxed, yet stylish impression.

It has the same quality as a dress shirt and the lightness of a polo shirt.
We also recommend it for a chic casual style as well.

ACTIVE Blue Polo Shirt (YKKT0323)
ACTIVE Brown Polo Shirt (YKKT0339)

Other items are not for sale 

Active Drawstring Trousers

The ideal balance of "proper" & "carefree"

These drawstring trousers will bring you extreme comfort and easy, as there is no need to wear it with a belt.
A clean silhouette, with a relaxed waist, and pleats.

Wear it for during your days-off or wear it with a jacket for a business style. You can also wear it with a wide range of shoes from leather to low top sneakers.

Trousers (ZMBK16A1)