Copy of Yamanashi Collection

Yamanashi, the place for silk

Silk fabric has been the backbone of local produce in Yamanashi.
Blessed with the right conditions, silk cultivation is a thriving business in the surrounding areas of Mount Fuji.​
Local artisans weave fabric with the traditional skills which have been passed down through generations.
​ ​​ ​
True craftsmanship can be observed here by those artisans who have kept practicing simple,
honest and sincere "monodzukuri" (making of things)​ ​and is particular to these areas. ​ ​



Archives, now and forever

For many years, weavers have worked endlessly learning from trial and error to make fabric for the best silk tie:​ ​​
Such acquired experience is a precious heritage for the weaving industry.
​It is not unusual that some old fashion trends see the light of day in the clothing industry.​ ​​
By linking what we learn from the past with the present and future,
we always work hard to create new designs and value.
The acquired archive is the biggest strength for a long-established fabric manufacturer.



 ​“Monodzukuri” that constantly evolves

Steady progress. Challenging the status quo to continue evolving.
With even the slightest changes of yarn and the amount of fabric, our weavers are able to create different patterns and styles.
Their senses heightened with every piece of fabric they weave. In the rapidly changing fashion industry,
men's clothing has not experienced a drastic shift over the years.​
Therefore, designers must focus on altering minute details to achieve something that distinguishes them from the rest,
​ ​and it is precisely those details that mirror the passion of these craftsmen towards "Made-in-Japan".


Deep coloring and melange fabric

Melange silk fabric using expressive color is one of the local products proudly presented by Yamanashi,
a prefecture close to Mount Fuji. Weaving 6 dark and pale colored threads to obtain exactly the desired tone,​ ​
weavers are able to create coloring with a unique and mysteriously tone.​
Each and every piece has a beautiful shade that cannot be matched by others.
From fabric to the sewn tie, our Yamanashi fabric ties have been made in Japan with the greatest care.


​ ​