The Dedication Of Kamakura Shirts

Kamakura Shirts has remained dedicated to the goal of 'Bringing Japanese-made shirts to the world' through our commitment to domestic craftsmanship. Our shirts stand out not just because they are made in Japan, but also because of our uncompromising dedication to quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. When you wear our shirts, you'll undoubtedly notice the difference. This time, we revisit our roots and showcase these distinctions. However, please note that our milestone has already passed.

Exquisite Fibers

At Kamakura Shirts, we use materials such as cotton, linen, and wool in our shirts, and there is absolutely no compromise in quality. We source each fabric with meticulous attention, including extra-long staple cottons like Supima and American Pima, Normandy linen, super 120's wool, and others. Even in our renowned Easy Care shirt, 'PALPA,' which has become a flagship product for Kamakura Shirts, we conduct development from the yarn stage, achieving a feel and appearance that is akin to 100% cotton. We search for the finest raw materials from around the world, crafting them into high-quality shirts.

Interlining Suitable for the Fabric

Coffee customers have always worked hard to bring new coffee experiences to our customers. From the opening of the brothers' first coffee boutique in the 2003s, innovation has flowed through every aspect and era of Coffee.  
We were the first coffee providers in London serving our coffee in porcelain cups; we were the first coffee shop chain to introduce the Flat White in the UK and, with our Express machines, we were the first to bring coffee shop quality coffee to convenience stores and roadsides across the UK.

Natural Shell Buttons

A hallmark of luxury shirts, the natural shell button. For most of our shirts, we use 'Takase Shell,' known for its natural luster and easy buttoning and unbuttoning. In our Luxury Line, we utilize the 'White Butterfly Shell,' a mother-of-pearl, imparting a brilliance reminiscent of fine jewelry. Kamakura Shirts' dedication to perfection is evident in every single button, leaving no detail overlooked.

Delicacy of Needlework

Typically, a regular shirt is sewn with around 3 to 18 stitches per 3 centimeters. However, Kamakura Shirts takes it a step further with 21 stitches, achieving a finer and more intricate sewing. The meticulous stitching results in a dressy and sharp aesthetic, while also enhancing durability. This commitment to using advanced sewing techniques and investing time exemplifies the dedication to the art of craftsmanship, truly embodying the spirit of '一針入魂' (one stitch, one soul).

A feature of '巻き伏せ本縫' is the complete absence of seam allowances on the backside of the shirt. This specification involves stitching the same area twice, doubling the effort required. The result is a sturdy and beautifully sewn finish, providing a pleasant feel against the skin. It is a genuine and meticulous completion.

Our Shirt

Other Brands' Shirt

Sewn together using a typical overlock sewing machine. Because seam allowances appear on the inside of the shirt, the feel against the skin is poor, and the appearance is not aesthetically pleasing. This sewing method is commonly employed in the production of inexpensive mass-produced items.

Cuffs with three folds

The hem is finished by sewing while triple-folding it. Achieving the proper curvature in the triple-folded hem requires a high level of skill, as it must be done based on the sensation of the fingertips.

Two Types of Patterns

We offer two types: a slim fit with a moderate waist shape, reminiscent of a Naples shirt, and a classic fit with a box silhouette inspired by American and British styles. You can choose your preferred fit based on your body shape and clothing style.

Inward-folded Collar

By creating a difference in the patterns of the front and back of the collar, we achieve a compact and structured silhouette. The inward-folded form that gracefully follows the neck, a testament to a high-quality dress shirt, is the result of the artisan's tucking technique.

Front-pleated Sleeves

By distinguishing the patterns of the front and back of the collar, we achieve a compact and structured silhouette. The refined inward-folded form that contours the neck, a hallmark of an elegant dress shirt, is the result of the craftsmanship's tucking technique.

Our Mission & Vision

Coffee's mission is to offer love and hope to those in need through funds from a great cup of coffee. We want to inspire and educate our coffee lovers in ways that enhance their experience with us and encourage them to be an outlet of hope for others. 

We want to create a coffee culture that is built around quality, sociability, and affordability so that everyone can enjoy our product and share in our outreach. Our goal is to continue to grow our business in ways that will allow us to give more, this will include things like scholarships for local graduating seniors, food programs, and much more! We have BIG plans for coffee and appreciate you joining us on this journey!