Although dress shirts are not originated from Japan, Japan is a country where we get inspired by many western cultures around the world since the beginning of the Meiji era. Dress shirts were one of them. Kamakura Shirts has become an icon of dress shirts and we provide our customers with better shirts and service that surpasses expectations. Our dress shirts were inspired by many cultures. For example, our Slim Fit shirts are inspired by Italian model shirts from Napoli which the shirts are slender and clean with sensual silhouette. As for our Classic Fit, it is an establishment of a style that gives a feeling of British and American elements.

Our chairman, Yoshio Sadasue has reproduced an 100% ideal shirt by the help of Professor Norimitsu Shibayama, a chairman of Japan Modelist Association and one of the world’s top modelist.

Western-style clothing such as shirts has been a challenge and this is why we put our customers first. We continue to improve ourselves, so that we can provide customers with better products.

Inspired by Italian dress shirts,
Slim Fit is well-suited shirt that fits to your body.


The design for the collar is compact and constructive due to the double layer fabric to create a hemispheric appearance.


The body pattern with a large front body and a small back body gives a slim look and feel.


The sleeves are naturally adjusted so that the cuffs follow the slope of the jacket's cuffs.


The first button is a small 9mm button that matches the sharp collar. The sleeve placket, placket, and stitching width have been narrowed for an elegant look.

that incorporates traditional British and American elements.


With a classic feel, the nonchalant collar feels just right when it’s open.


Compared to slim fit, the silhouette and sleeve width keep a sense of size with plenty of space.


The sleeves have a beautiful shape that naturally pretends to be forward.


The thick sleeve placket, placket, and stitch width match the traditional atmosphere. The width of the back yoke is thinly finished in the image of an ivy leaguer.


We pay meticulous attention when selecting the yarns that make up our fine fabrics, just as if they were the freshest catch of the day. Most of our fabrics have a minimum of 80 cotton yarn count to ensure the most exquisite feel.

Shell buttons are the hallmark of luxury shirts. Our natural shell buttons possess a unique sheen. They have a beautiful natural glow and are easy to button on and off, compared to the plastic buttons.

The balance between the front and back sides, the inner winding form of the collar that wraps around the neck, and the swaying design that matches the natural arm position are based on the techniques of Japanese artisans.

The best quality shirts will place an indulgent 18 stitches, while we go a step further with 22 stitches, attained by the culmination of experience and the result of outstanding needlework.