Three SPORT Styles


The American Ivy Leaguers of the 1960s who once fascinated people enjoyed establishing culture and lifestyle through fashion. And now work styles and lifestyles have changed more than ever. Fashion is moving towards stress-free clothes such as casual and relaxing wear.

With a moderately loose collar and a soft texture that can be worn casually, the American Traditional Style inspired "SPORT" button-down shirt fits any scene of the present day. Let's take a look at the wide range of styling options. Read more about our SPORT shirts here.


#1 Work from Home

A shirt made of soft material is a great choice when you're working from home but don't want to look lousy.
Don't feel like ironing in the morning? Wear a knit sweater over it, perhaps a cotton one for the coming warmer season, and you'll be ready for that video conference.


If your job requires some creative work, it's important to release yourself from all distractions to get your creativity on. Pick a shirt, perhaps a shirt with a gentle color so you can concentrate on your work.


#2 With a Tie

We recommend a knit tie for this soft collar shirt. You will definitely have a stylish, without looking too dressed up. Match it with a pair of light sneakers and you've got a business-causal look. It may be different from your usual suit style, but it's also fun.


It's becoming warmer and more comfortable. We chose monotone colors to go with the thin dark stripe shirt, which will be easy to incorporate into your work clothes. It's nice out. Take a break from work and go to a nearby park or grab some coffee.

#3 Day Off

Perhaps cooking has become a new hobby during the lock-down days, and you need to go and grab some groceries. We've picked up some spring colors for a fresh, monotone look. Pair it with some faded black denim jeans or some navy drawstring trousers.


It's getting warm out so maybe you'll take your dog out for a walk on your next day off. Wear a T-shirt underneath your SPORT shirt to get a relaxed, spring look.