Men's Autumn & Winter Collection


Explore our Kamakura Shirts Men’s
Autumn and Winter 2020 collection.

Our new autumn and winter collection for 2020 is inspired by our origin, Kamakura.
This year, with everything happening around the world,
we wanted to focus on who we truly are and where we came from.
We wanted to display the way Kamakura enchants us with its nature, traditions,
and history that is harmonized all around its city.


A button-down that can be worn elegantly.
The button down of the "Firenze" (Florence) model has been renewed.
The high-count materials add a natural luster and suppleness to the shirt
An excellent quality shirt that can be worn with suits to high-gauge knitwear.


Shirt (Coming Soon)
Tie (FBKA083ABK)





On a day you are looking to dress up, try a tab collar for a discreet, yet stylish look.
Keep a style simple by playing with similar colors around the V Zone.


Shirt (Coming Soon)




The uniquely developed “PALPA” thread. It achieves a 100% naturally cotton feel.
Recommended for those who have an active business schedule, but still wish for comfort.


Shirt (PKJC36_15)
Tie (FBKA275AAR)
Jacket (ZMAK21_A1)




One of our best-sellers: the stand collar cardigan.
After hearing your requests, we have additional new color variations this year.
Wear it over your shirts like a jacket in all places and scenes.


Drawstring Trousers (Coming Soon)


Balmacaan coat with an elegant A-line silhouette.
We recommend a simple style underneath to draw focus on the coat.
Wear it over this year’s mustard yellow turtleneck as an accent color.
You may even wear it over casual outfits as well.


Turtleneck Sweater (NM0055_53)
Drawstring Trousers (Coming Soon)
Coat (ZMDK22_A1)




We are bringing back the “THANK YOU COTTON” project again.
It is unfortunate to say that so much of the cotton that falls on the ground get wasted away.
This project allows us to reuse the “fallen cotton” and create something that will be appreciated.
We use the same cotton from the threads of our luxury dress shirts.
We minimized dyes and chemicals to utilize the original texture and color of cotton.
The pocket is decorated with our Kamakura Shirts logo.
A luxurious oxford shirt that is finished with the finest cotton and above all eco-friendly.


Shirt (Coming Soon)