Easy Care Shirts: Traveler PALPA®

We took the finest materials from around the world to create the best easy-care dress shirts that boast the perfect gloss, fabric tension and feeling against the skin. The thread used for these unique dress shirts is “PALPA Premium”, a type of polyester thread coated in cotton. It is the polyester of the PALPA Premium that helps create our very own wrinkle-resistant dress shirts.

Carefully selected raw cotton


Because the cotton exterior touches skin directly, we were especially carefully in choosing raw cotton that would serve a functional purpose while remaining comfortable against the skin. The cotton used is a blend; it has been blended to balance the supple, luxurious texture of Indian cotton with the bright, glossiness of Australian cotton. It took many attempts to reach the perfect ratio, the perfect blend of these two world-class cottons.


The fruit of Unitika's technological endeavors

Unitika, a spinning mill based in Japan, possesses one of the highest levels of spinning technologies in the world. In collaboration with Kamakura Shirts, Unitika created a “two layer structure yarn” that promises the fast-drying properties of cotton as well as wrinkle resistance expected of a wash-and-wear shirt. The internal polyester layer is covered completely in cotton. The technology used here is called “compact spinning”, and this process also limits unwanted floss to a minimum.


The wrinkle-resistant essence of our TRAVELER shirts was achieved by passing polyester through cotton. Our aim was to collaborate with Unitika to make a shirt that would change the way people saw wrinkle-free shirts. It needed to be fashionable. It needed to be comfortable. What we have created is a unique dress shirt that requires very little ironing. Just wash at home and hang to dry on a clothing hanger. Make sure to stretch the fabric as you leave it to dry so that ironing is virtually redundant.