Kamakura Shirts' Summer Off-Style Suggestions. Even in the heat, never forget to dress up." For those who are particular about their style, we recommend items that are both comfortable and smart.

Cut and Sew

A simple T-shirt that looks stylish on its own. Because of its simplicity, quality matters. Made with an elegant pattern, it looks great even when worn casually. Pair it with clean-cut bottoms and accessories for a sophisticated urban look.

Basque Shirt: YP3002_49
*Coming in June

Cardigan: NMPS04_29

Knit T-Shirt: MCPS07_49

Linen Shirts

Adorned in Air: Linen Shirts. An item that can be described as a summer tradition. European linen, with its natural sheen, exudes a luxurious feel amidst a relaxed atmosphere.

Shirt: PP2500_35
*Coming in June

Shirt: PP1500_71

Casual Shirts

Broadcloth shirts, often considered classics of their kind, retain the casual shirt patterns yet exude a metropolitan charm thanks to their meticulous tailoring. They can elevate your off-duty style with their impeccable cuts.

Shirt: PP1004_15

Shirt: PP1004

Short Sleeve Shirts

Urban Resort Shirts, these soft seersucker shirts feature a cool texture that's perfect for summer. With excellent breathability, they provide a dry and comfortable feel even when you sweat. The subtle texture also means you can wear them without ironing, which adds to their appeal.

Shirt: YN2016