Please note that there may be delays during the holidays.
All sales are final and we do not accept returns.


MTM Trunk Show

New York

July 11(Thur), 23(Tue), 30(Tue)
August 7(Wed) , 13(Tue), 16(Fri)

EST Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

125 Park Avenue, 25th floor, New York, NY 10017


Please make sure not to add additional items when booking a trunkshow.
We cannot accept combined orders with MTM or off the rack items. Please make them separately.

Washington, D.C.

August 1(Thur)

EST Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Carr Workplaces - City Center
1325 G St. NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005


Please make sure not to add additional items when booking a trunkshow.
We cannot accept combined orders with MTM or off the rack items. Please make them separately.

About Our MTM Staff:

Junko Tsuchida, who has been a consultant working with us in our former Madison location, is now taking MTM consultations and orders in New York. She is excited to help you with designing a new shirt, as well as pulling up past order records.

Contact Information:

Contact Junko via email here
Phone:(+1) 929-289-6392
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST






We recommend ordering your shirt based on your chest size, as this is the only part you cannot adjust.
Once you know your chest size, please choose the appropriate base size from your chest size.
From there, you choose which parts you will like to adjust.

Click here to see how to take your measurements.

Your base size is based on the ready-made Kamakura Shirts.
Take a look at our size chart here.


Measuring your own neck for this is recommended.
Measure your neck tightly, right below your Adam's apple where the collar of your shirt would sit.
Put room for two fingers between your neck and tape, then note the measurement.

The actual neck size will be increased by 0.8 cm in consideration of shrinkage.


Measure on the back side of the shirt, from the center of the back of the collar to the hem of the garment.


The actual sleeve length will be increased by 1.5 cm in consideration of shrinkage.

How to measure:
Measure on the back from the middle of the shirt, at the base of the collar.
Go along the yoke, then pivot from the shoulder down to the outer edge of the cuff.


The cuff width is the width from the center of the button to far end of the buttonhole.

Tokyo Slim Fit / NY Slim Fit have darts on the back, which can be corrected to adjust the waist.
Adjustments can be made starting with -2 cm, -4 cm, -6 cm*. It is possible to get rid of the darts to add
4 cm in the waist.
*To adjust -6 cm, the adjustment is made by deeply sewing the back darts by - 1cm on each side.

Please note that waists that have box pleats (Slim Fit Button Down shirts, Classic Fit shirts, 134 Casual fits) cannot be adjusted.

Shoulder width can be adjusted up to + -1 cm.


Sleeve width (about 20 cm from the upper arm / top of the shoulder) can be corrected by -1 cm. Arm holes cannot be corrected.



Tokyo & New York Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Tokyo & New York Classic Fit Dress Shirt

Tokyo & New York Slim Fit Sciolto

Tokyo & New York Casual Shirts


Dress Shirt Collars

134 Casual Shirt Collars






*Winchester is unavailable in Button Down, Sciolto, and 134 Casual shirts






"Hello Junko, Happy new year! I just received the shirt from the mail. Thank you so much for getting it done so quickly. It is very beautiful, I knew I can trust your fabric selection. Best wishes,"

Mr. Dan. D

"Junko, Thanks for all of your help with my last order. They have arrived and fit great. I’d like to order a few more shirts."

Mr. Steini. B

"I received my shirts recently and I'm very happy with the material and fit. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through the process. I look forward to exploring more of the fabrics in the future. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!"

Mr. Alex. Z

"I recently received my custom order and could not be more pleased with the outcome."

Mr. Evan. C

"I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you to thank you for your amazing service throughout the process of ordering. The shirt turned out fantastic, fits like a glove, and I did get some appreciation from other guests. So, here's a pic of me with the bride, now my brother’s wife. Once again, thank you very much for your service and the amazing product."

Mr. Marco. S

"The shirt arrived today and it's absolutely wonderful Junko! Thank you so much for your help and wonderful shirts!"

Mr. Bobby. K

"Hi Junko,   I received the shirts and the fit is perfect, so thank you for the great work done! Looking forward to order a few more soon.
Wishing you a happy holiday season.   Best,

Mr. Mel. B

"I received my new shirt earlier this week. It is perfect. I am very happy with it and look forward to ordering more. Thank you! "

Mr. James. W


"Hi Junko! Thank you for taking care of it - you guys have wonderful service. And a great product I am wearing my new MTM shirt today and am very happy :) thank you for everything.I hope you have also been well and happy almost holidays."

Mr. Ben. P

"Junko, My shirt arrived and I wore it for the first time: I love it! Thank you so much for helping me find the right fit.
May I order three more shirts please?
Brian. B!

Mr. Brian. B

"Hello Junko!
You have helped me in the past with a few made-to-measure shirts. I’m so very happy with the shirts, and now I’thinking about ordering a few more. I have one question: If I want to create a regular button down shirt - which cuff should I select, the long one button barrel or the one button barrel? With regards

Mr. Christensen

"Junko, Received my shirts, they look great, thank you!!!!!
Have a great day!

Mr. M.A

"Hi Junko! The shirt is absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly thank you so much. Please proceed with the remaining shirts, and thank you again!"

Mr. Jonas. F

"Hello Ms. Tsuchida,
I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to inquire about placing a new shirt order. I am very pleased with the two I ordered and have gotten a lot of use of the M214C0467T shirt in particular.Do you still have that fabric? I was considering that, as well as shirts in M214C0882QB (pinpoint oxford check) styled like my prior button-down collar order.Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mr. Jacob. B

"Good evening Junko,
I hope all has been well since I last saw you. I recently got my shirts and I love them. The material, style, and fit is incredible. I'd like to place an order for more. But along with the dress shirts, I'd also like to order a few casual shirts to wear to the office..

Mr. Marlin. R

The shirt was absolutely perfect! Can we get an order started for the same shirt, but in a light-blue broadcloth by Thomas Mason? It should be in the same fabric sample book where I picked the white Thomas Mason broadcloth.

Mr. Carlos. A

"Hello Junko, I hope you are well and thank you again for your assistance with my order. I am very happy with my new shirt.I am considering ordering additional shirts with the same measurements and same fabric. Does the fabric come in white or any other colors? If this fabric does not come in white, are there any other similar fabrics that you would recommend?Thank you!"

Mr. Jeremy. L

"Junko! My shirts arrived. They are magnificent! Thank you again
Do you have my measurements now saved if i want to order more direct?

Mr. Chris. S

"Dear Tsushida-san, First of all, just wanted to thank you for the beautiful shirt I had at my wedding. I wanted to check in and see when the next New York trunk show will be, or alternatively check if you had any thicker fabrics than the one that was used for the white pinpoint Oxford I ordered a few months ago. I absolutely love it and wear it extensively, but as you're well aware New York is very humid and I would rather have a shirt I can wear with undershirt underneath without being visible. Thank you!"

Mr. Bruno. B

"Hi Junko! I am very happy with the shirts and looking to pick up two more with same measurements.
What’s best way to decide fabric? Thank you!

Mr. Theo. J

"Hi Junko,I would like to place another MTM order with the exact specs as my first shirt. As an aside, the blue oxford cloth button-down was an absolutely perfect fit, incredible material, still fit perfectly after the wash due to your slight measurement adjustments, and I will 100% be ordering most of my nicer shirts from Kamakura in the future. Your assistance was highly appreciated for a single shirt order and it has made me comfortable in ordering my first ever made-to-measure shirt. Thanks,"

Mr. Phil. M

"Good evening Junko, My shirt arrived, and the 2cm you added to the waist + chest fit me so well. I love it! I am ready to order more shirts with this updated measurement."

Mr. Waheed.A

"Hello Junko, Hope you’re well. I really like the shirts from the last order. I’d like to order two more with the same specs with a semi spread collar."

Mr. Benjamin. A

"Dear Junko, The shirt met all my expectations and it goes beyond them. Thanks and regards,"

Mr. Salvatore.M

"Hi Junko,I hope you're doing well! I recently received my new shirt and I'm really delighted with it. I'd like to order some more shirts! Thank you!"

Mr. Alek.K

"Junko, the shirts are beautiful. Thank you for your help. I look forward to ordering more shirts in the future..Thanks"

Dr. Alex. W

"Good afternoon Junko, I really appreciate your thorough and detailed response. It's very refreshing compared to what other brands do in their customer service, and it's a major reason why I'm sticking with Kamakura for my next order."

Mr. Michael. W

"Hi Junko, I just received my shirts, thank you very much…. They are beautiful, the fit is perfect with the added length at the sleeves, looks amazing and feels truly ‘custom’!The process was so easy and your service amazing, thank you again. I will definitely be ordering more soon….. is the best way to just email you when I’m ready or is there a better way now that we know my size? Thank you again Junko! Take care, Best"

Mr. Michael. A

"Hello Junko, Hope you're well. Thank you so much for your help with my order last time. The shirt arrived a few weeks back and it's really beautiful. I'm interested in ordering another shirt, with a few changes.
Thank you very much!

Mr. Michael.

"Hi Junko, First of all, thank you for all your help in my last order of shirts. They arrived a few weeks ago and I’ve enjoyed wearing them. They are perfect in every way!I have a quick question for you — do you also make MTM tuxedo shirts, and if so, what’s the pricing structure? Thanks again. Best,"

Mr. Raymond. K

"Thank you!! I just paid the invoice.
This was incredibly easy. I wish I had tried earlier.

Mr. Andrew. G

"Hi Junko, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for the fitting a few weeks ago - the shirts just came in and they are great.
Thank you!

Mr. Leo. F

"Hi Junko, just wanted to let you know that the MTM shirts arrived yesterday and fit perfectly. Thanks for your help. Looking forward to ordering more soon.Thanks!"

Mr. Jon. Z

"Junko:My new shirts arrived yesterday. They turned out nicely and I am happy with them. Thanks for your help!"

Mr. Niraj. G

"Dear Junko, I hope this message finds you well since we were last in touch!As promised, attached is a photograph from my wedding day last week. The ceremony was so heartwarming, and I have you to thank for the beautiful shirt!I heard from Steven yesterday that you will be in the DC area again soon. I wish you safe travels and a pleasant stay! Be well, and I look forward to the next time we meet. All my best,"

Mr. Randall

"Hi Junko, hope you are well. I’m really enjoying my new shirts and would like to order a few more.
Can you let me know the next time you plan to be in NYC? Thanks!

Mr. Alon.N

"Hi Junko! Really like the shirts I got and am hoping to order a few more. Thanks."

Mr. Akshay.N.

"Hi Ms. Tsuchida,I hope you've been well! I've really enjoyed my shirt so much, it's wonderful! I was wondering - how can I order another MTM shirt? Please let me know. Thank you!"

Mr. Kolade L

"Good morning Tsuchida-san, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for helping me with my last MTM shirt order. The shirts came out great and I am very happy with them. I just placed another order for more MTM shirts--the summer is coming and I wanted some shirts made with summer fabrics. The order number is GOS2205-XXXX. Please let me know if there are any issues with the requested details or if you have any concerns. Thank you again, Tsuchida-san. Always appreciate your kind help.
Best regards,

Mr. Peter.L

"Hello Junko, I recently was able to try on the shirts that I ordered, and they fit perfectly. I finally have a shirt where the collar fits perfectly. I love the quality construction and buttons. Thank you!"

Mr. David.N

"Hi Junko! The shirts arrived and are amazing! I would like to get a second order in progress. Where can I view the fabrics, are there any more casual / non-iron fabrics available?"

Mr. Zeng.C

"Ms. Tsuchida, I just received my order of shirts and they're fantastic! The fabrics and fit are great! Thank you so much for your help! "

Mr. Peter.N

"Hello Junko,
I received my MTM shirts yesterday and I am thrilled - these are better than I had hoped and I am very happy. The navy oxford button down Sport shirt is a new favorite, and the Leno shirt is substantial, yet cool - a new option for hot weather. Your fitting notes and small changes all seem to be very accurate and the fit is great for me."

Mr. Kirk

"Dear Junko,
Thank you very much for your help. I received the MTM shirt and worn it a few times. The fit is excellent so I would like to order 5 additional shirts in the same fabric and measurements. Can you let me know what the best way to place the order with you?
Regards "

Mr. Alvis

"Hi Junko, My shirts arrived last week and I wanted to say thanks again. They are great! Until next time! "

Mr. Kevin S

"These shirts arrived last week. Perfect. The slight addition to the sleeve length is exactly right. Please keep these measurements on file. Thank you. Regards "

Mr. Steel

"My MTM order arrived yesterday, and it is simply beautiful. Thank you very much. Expect to see more orders in the future. Regards,!"

Mr. Chip Cook

"Hello Junko, the shirt arrived, looks great and fits nicely. I really love the fabric!
Thanks so much for your great service and fast delivery!"

Mr. Holger

"Hello Junko, Hope you are well! Last year, I ordered a Kamakura MTM shirt with your help after a virtual session. I have worn the shirt a few times and I really enjoy it. The fit is perfect and the quality is fantastic. I would like to order two more shirts with the same measurements/monogram. I was wondering if the following fabrics are still available?

Mr. Stanley

"Junko - just wanted to let you know I received my shirts yesterday and they fit great! Thanks again for all your help and I'm sure I'll be by again sometime soon."

Mr. RYAN. S.

"Dear Junko, I hope this email finds you well! Thank you so much for your help on my most recent order, all the shirts that I've worn so far are perfect and I could not be happier! I am looking to purchase a MTM OCBD with the modifications we did for my last orders. Thanks."


"Hello Tsuchida-san,I hope you are doing well. Thank you for helping me with my MTM shirt order. The shirts came out great and I am very happy with them. I just placed another order for more MTM shirts.Best regards."

Mr. Peter Li

"Tsuchida-san, Thank you so much! It was a wonderful wedding and your 400 thread shirt felt great! On the cashmere shirt let’s please do the grey/white one ending in 648k. Have a wonderful day."

Mr. Matt

"Junko, Hope all is well. I am loving my shirts. I’d like to come in a pick out fabric for a few more. Would 2:00 on the 24th in NY work? I don’t think I need to be remeasured. Everything is fitting nicely. Thanks."

Mr. Chuck. B

"Dear Junko, I hope this email finds you well! I received my MTM shirt and tried it on and from my first glance, it’s absolutely perfect! The modifications were exactly what I needed and I am quite pleased. I am going to wear a few times just to ensure it’s 100% and I will most likely be ordering more shirts in the coming weeks. Thank you!"

Mr. Ryan

"Junko, as promised wanted to send a picture of myself wearing the lovely shirt you had made for me (my bride is there too!). The shirt was wonderful, thank you again"

Mr. Crosby

"Junko, I also realized I never thanked you for the shirt I received from the first MTM event. It came out perfectly! It is my favorite dress shirt in my rotation. Thank you so much for your help that day in getting me a perfect shirt from my favorite company! Looking forward to hearing back you!"

Mr. Geroge

"Dear Junko Tsuchida, Thanks so much for your help with my shirt for my wedding day! It was an absolutely beautiful September day with family and friends--a memory my wife and I will cherish forever. The Kamakura shirt was perfect, a great detail. I attached a few photos!I hope to have another occasion to stop in and get a shirt in the future! Wishing you all the best."

Mr. Eric

"Dear Junko, I hope all is well with you :) Just wanted to let you know I received my shirts and they are awesome!! Everything came out really well! I'm excited to order some more soon. I will actually be in NY on Friday, December 17th. If you are available to meet on that day please let me know. I'm also going to check with some of my friends and colleagues to see if we can get you to come to Miami. That would be fun!"

Mr. Todd S.

"Hi Junko, Hope you are well! Want to let you know that I received my order in the mail today and was beyond surprised at how well it came out and how quickly it arrive. You've made this entire process extremely easy for me and I can't wait to wear the made-to-measure shirt in a few weeks for the event the shirt quality is exactly as show the shirt hugs my body to perfection. Kamakura has created a fan in me and I plan to order all of my shirts from you moving forward. Please keep my measurements on file! :) Thank you again."

Mr. William A.

"I just received the four shirts that you helped me pick out during your Washington, D.C. trunk show. The shirts are absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for your help!"

Mr. Steven S.

"Hi Junko, Just wanted to let you know the shirts are perfect! Thanks for all your help!."

Mr. Michael P.

"Hello! I just received my shirts and they are absolutely wonderful. This is my first time doing MTM and I'm not sure if I can go back to off the rack now! Once again, thrilled with how they turned out and thank you again for doing a great job!"

Mr. Kamran A.

"Hi Junko-san... Wanted to let you know I got the shirts yesterday and they came out beautifully. Thank you are your assistance. Look forward to seeing you again soon."

Mr. Harold K.

"Hi Junko, Just wanted to let you know I received my shirt today and the measurement adjustments we made were perfect! I love the changes. I look forward to your next NY availability to make a few more."

Mr. Michael P.

"Dear Junko, My order from earlier this month arrived - based on a very quick look and trying on one of the broadcloth/semi-spread collar shirts to get a sense of the slightly different style, I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out. Going with the lighter blue for the striped oxford shirt was also a good choice. Again, many thanks for your assistance!"

Mr. Erik A.

"Thank you for handling my recent made-to-measure order from Kamakura Shirts. The shirts arrived and were perfect fit..."

Mr. Martin J.

"I received the two shirts today and they are perfect! We made some good choices. The length is perfect to wear tucked, the fabric is great and the fit is sport on."

Mr. Larry S.

"Just got my shirts right now and I have to say I am very impressed. It's superb material and fits perfectly! Thank you so much."

Mr. Ronak N.

"I just wanted to let y’all know what a great experience I had with Junko. She was extremely helpful and it was a pleasure working with her."

Mr. Eric H.

"Hi Junko, Good call on the measurements, the minor adjustments you did is exactly what I had in mind. With your eye for adjustments and the natural feel of linen, I'll be happy with the final shirt! No worries. Great service... Let me know if you have any interesting fabrics in the future."

Mr. Saflin N

"This is my third made-to-measure shirt from Kamakura Shirts and I'm again thoroughly impressed! Thanks to Junko at Kamakura NYC for her outstanding service..."

Mr. Bobby M.