Open-Collar Shirts

In the golden age of the 1950s in America, where people enjoyed abundant prosperity, there was a proliferation of revolutionary items such as cars and large household appliances. Additionally, fashion diversified through various cultural influences, including the emergence of rockabilly from American rock and roll. Even in such a 50s style, the "shirt" always remained at the center. Among the numerous shirts, one that adores is the "open-collar shirt".



An open-collar shirt from America by a relaxed and boxy silhouette, with two large pockets on the chest. It has a modern size, with an elegantly curved collar that had a touch of ruggedness. This open-collar shirt can be worn with a tie. At that time, American brands advertised with slogans like "Comfort and Smartness with or without a tie," emphasizing that it looked comfortable and smart whether worn with or without a tie. Wearing a tie with an open-collar shirt is an amazing idea and is moved by the rational craftsmanship spirit of America. We have reproduced such open-collar shirts using "Tencel," a fabric that takes into account both the environment and functionality, launching them this season under the brand "KAMAKURA CLASSICS".