Kamakura Shirt's Best-selling Tie

The 50 oz solid tie is also know as "permanent staple of ties".
It is a solid color tie and the fabric is a representative collection of Kamakura Shirts. They are handmade and plumped up to maximize the use of the material, giving them a beautiful drape and luster. A solid tie is the basis of a tie and the 50 oz tie is one of the first ties you should choose.

What is 50oz?

Printed tie fabrics are usually expressed in oz (ounces).
The number 50 oz is one of the heaviest ounces among printed fabrics, giving it an unmistakable sense of weight.

The benefit of the 50 oz. weight is its heavy drape.
The luxuriousness and suppleness that can be recognized at a glance make the V-zone both stoic and glamorous. The beautiful dimples are also unique to 50oz.

The beautiful dimples are also unique to 50oz.
Kamakura Shirt carefully finishes the high-density woven 50 oz. fabric made in England at a domestic factory in Kyoto, Japan. The fluffy texture and dimples created by hand-stitching give this tie an atmosphere that sets it apart from other solid ties. This high quality 50oz solid tie is a must-have item for business people and gentlemen who want to elevate their suit style.