ASCOT for Maker's Shirt

A classic silk knit tie made by the long-established German necktie brand "ASCOT".
Enjoy the refined and classic style from a necktie brand with a history of over 100 years since its founding in 1908.

The ASCOT knit tie is made with a firm and textured fabric that creates a beautifully three-dimensional knot. It is knitted slowly using an old-fashioned knitting machine, and the tightly packed stitches create a crunchy sound when you hold it. The sturdy and textured knit with a dense, uneven surface creates a distinctive look that is easy to tie and adds depth to your outfit.

Versatility for any occasion.

In Japan, knit ties are often associated with spring and summer, but ASCOT's knit ties with their durable fabric can be worn throughout the year. With a combination of a lively and casual feel and a weighty and elegant sheen, these knit ties can be worn not only with casual outfits but also with suits. The popularity of these knit ties lies in their high versatility, which makes them suitable for any occasion regardless of the season.