Premium Pure White Shirts

Australia is home to cotton-growing regions that are supported by its vast land and natural environment.

Irrigation technology that uses water ingeniously in an environment with limited water intake is attracting worldwide attention. The cotton grown here is the whitest of all the varieties, and since few chemicals such as bleaching are used, you can feel the "natural white" of the cotton.

Please enjoy the natural whiteness of Australian cotton and the beautiful dobby fabric woven with fine count yarn.

Slim Fit - Button Down Dobby

Slim Fit - Spread Dobby

Classic Fit - Button Down Dobby

Trusted Certification Mark and Traceability

In addition to the attractiveness of the cotton itself, Australian cotton is also attractive because of its transparency in trade.

  • Contractual compliance for international trade and trustworthy suppliers
  • Strict adherence to International Cotton Association regulations
  • Adaptability and reliability of shipments in addition to short transport times
  • Traceability from farmer to spinner

Only Australian cotton that meets these strict requirements can use the certification logo.

Charm of Dobby Fabrics

Dobby fabric is a fabric woven on a dobby loom and characterized by regular patterns.

The woven pattern reflects the light as it moves, creating a gorgeous impression that is different from flat fabrics. You can find your favorite weave from a wide variety such as twill, herringbone, and kersey. They are also perfect for when you want to add a subtle change to your daily styling. The dobbies are woven from the fine white threads of Australian cotton, adding to the delicacy and beauty of the fabric. Recommended for business as well as festive occasions. (excluding button-downs)