Basic Ties

The Best Basic Born in Japan

A classic necktie that is not influenced by trends and can be easily matched
when you're unsure about choosing a necktie.

From job hunting to everyday business attire,
our lineup mainly consists of basic colors and patterns that are easy for anyone.


Using fabrics woven in Nishijin, Kyoto,
a renowned silk textile production area,
and hand-sewn in Kyoto's traditional sewing factories.

Featuring the finest domestic fabrics and the traditional craftsmanship of Nishijin,
Kyoto, Kamakura Shirt proudly presents its purely made-in-Japan neckties.

The greatest charm lies in its versatility,
as it can be the top choice for coordinating in any situation.

The simple yet sophisticated design blends well with white shirts or blue shirts,
and the crisp fabric adds a sense of presence.


Using traditional, low-speed looms to ensure the silk's texture is preserved,
the fabric is carefully woven over time,
resulting in a crisp and firm texture.

The sewing process adheres to Kamakura Shirt's unique quality standards,
creating an exceptional product.
With all the processes completed in Kyoto,
this necktie is undoubtedly the best-made-in-Japan basic accessory.