Breuer 2023 Spring and Summer


It has been a year since the release of the double-name necktie, "BREUER for Kamakura Shirts".

Once again, BREUER has created exceptional colors, patterns, and styles for their neckties.

Introducing the 2023 Spring/Summer collection that will adorn the neckline with style.




BREUER is a manufacturer that specializes in neckties and known for their classical and traditional style.

Their collection features elegant colors and patterns that evoke the beauty of the sea in southern France.

The neckties from BREUER are born from a fusion of stunning nature and culture,

exuding a unique charm that is unmatched by others.



The three main features of BREUER are:

1. Beauty of Color Rendering

The reason why BREUER's neckties are eye-catching is due to their "beauty of color rendering".

In particular, their unique marine blue and white colors reminiscent of the Cote d'Azur create a coloring that cannot be replicated by any other manufacturer. Their special blue hues blend beautifully with shirts.

Another significant feature is the distinctive cutting pattern known as the "bottle neck" style,
where the knot is tightly compact and the blade elegantly curves from the knot to the tip.

2. Being in French Style

When it comes to French style,
renowned brands like Saint James, Paraboot, and Weston are often mentioned.
However, when it comes to neckties that represent French style, BREUER stands out.
They are the only manufacturer in the world that continues to elegantly upgrade the classic men's dress style from the perspective of France.

3. 130 Years of Archives

The third charm is that they possess a 130-year archive (past records, recipes).
In European manufacturers and factories, archives are considered invaluable and cannot be bought with money.
By maintaining an archive spanning many years,
they are able to preserve classic styles while elegantly upgrading them, which is recognized worldwide as one of the reasons for their excellence.