Breuer Ties


Started from the close relationship between BREUER and Kamakura Shirts,
"BREUER for Kamakura Shirts."
In the new season, 23AW,
we have prepared it with a color scheme
that incorporates textiles from the authentic Nice,
while maintaining the basic design.



BREUER is a tie brand based in Nice, France, with a history of over 130 years. The ties are meticulously crafted through manual cutting and sewing, and their unique coloring evokes the landscapes of the Mediterranean. The color combinations are distinctive and set them apart from other brands.

The reason BREUER captures people's attention lies in its beautiful coloration. Especially noteworthy are the unique marine blues and whites reminiscent of the French Riviera, unmatched by any other manufacturer. The special blues they depict harmonize beautifully with shirts, adding to their allure. Emphasizing the use of natural materials, including silk, and designed in France, these ties are meticulously hand-sewn by skilled Italian craftsmen employing advanced techniques.

The characteristic cutting pattern called "Bottleneck" style is characterized by a compact-looking knot and an elegant curve drawn from the knot to the blade. The distinctive feature of BREUER is its ability to create a sharp and refined modern impression the moment it is tied. With beautiful shine, high-quality materials, and a unique cutting pattern, it possesses a charm not found in other brands.

Boasting over 130 years of history, an archive held dear in the heart. In European manufacturers and factories, archives possess a value that cannot be bought with money. They are filled with invaluable information for inheriting past designs and technologies, preserving traditions, and evolving. This allows BREUER to maintain classic styles while imbuing the brand with unique charm and quality not found in other brands.