Casual Shirts

How to wear Casual shirts?

With the gap between workwear and casual wear narrowing, Kamakura Shirts proposes "casual shirts" packed with individuality.

Depending on how you style it, you can effortlessly switch between a polished or casual look.?


Enjoying the scent of American traditional style. With a subtle hint of the 90s American traditional style, a classic gold-buttoned jacket complements the red alternate stripe. Pair it with a warm-toned knit hat to add a sporty touch. The key is to maintain a casual shirt vibe in the overall outfit.



Adding Softness to Urban Elegance. It's better to coordinate the urban blue alternate stripes with a modern color scheme. While maintaining a polished look with flannel slacks, wrap yourself in a gentle wool knit that complements the soft atmosphere of the collar. This creates a well-balanced, relaxed outfit.


Shirt: PN1016_25


The natural, autumnal demeanor
unique to wool, perfect for
the fall and winter seasons.

For those who feel "ordinary white shirts lack something", we recommend a warm ecru shirt. It is as easy to style as a white shirt but has the warmth of autumn and winter, exuding a fresh and refined atmosphere.

A stoic monochromatic coordination with a black shirt and black cardigan. This wool shirt is not only suitable for office casual scenes but also recommended as a sophisticated choice for adult leisurewear on weekends.

Shirt: FNAS31_19
Cardigan: NM1055_19


The elegant sheen
and substantial texture
created by SUPER120'S WOOL.

By opting for the unconventional white-striped pattern, even in the classic navy jacket and gray slacks ensemble—THE quintessential jacket and pants style—you've added a subtle yet impactful accent, injecting a touch of variation.

Shirt: FNAH35_25 (Coming Soon)
Necktie: FBNA037AAK
Jacket: ZMAN46_A1 (Coming Soon)

Ultra-functional fabric.

The compatibility between a gingham check shirt with natural wool-like colors and a heavy tweed jacket is outstanding. Choosing a wool-blend tie further enhances the coordination, creating a well-thought-out outfit with a unified material aesthetic.

Shirt: FNAC34
Necktie: BRNA171CFR

Stripe & Check

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