Heavy Cotton T-shirt

30th Anniversary Project

Kamakura Shirts will celebrate its 30th anniversary this November.
This year, which marks a memorial year, we are planning special items every month as a token of gratitude to everyone who has supported us until now.
We present the Cotton Pocket T-Shirt. We have created a simple design and size that can be worn by various people.
It is recommended for women as well since it is unisex.


The fabric used for regular T-shirts is typically around 4 ounces, but for this item, we have finished it with a rare 9.0 oz fabric, even by global standards. The rugged and firm texture of this fabric gives it a tough cotton-like feel. By using more than twice the amount of cotton normally used and knitting it at a high density, there is no need to worry about the garment losing its shape or being see-through when worn alone. It is a pocket T-shirt that can be casually worn by women as well.

The stitching applied to the collar and pockets creates a more casual impression. We have prepared an original name label on the chest pocket, specifically designed for this item. It adds a perfect accent to a simple outfit.


Model: Height 173cm, Size L

Model: Height 178cm, Size XL

Model: Height 161cm, Size M

Thanks to its relaxed silhouette with a comfortable fit, you can enjoy casual summer scenes without worrying about your body shape. It can be paired with classic casual styles such as denim or chinos, as well as summer shorts, allowing for a wide range of combinations. The color variations are easy to incorporate into your outfit, so we also recommend having multiple colors to enjoy.



T-shirt that makes you want to cherish and keep it for a long time.

While there are numerous items in the world considered to be masterpieces, the definition of such may be ambiguous. Kamakura Shirts, founded in 1993, has a few pieces that are also called "masterpieces" and have been loved by many customers for the past 30 years. If we were to analyze the reasons for their popularity, they possess timeless elegance and a well-balanced design. That definition seems to fit well.

As someone who is particular about cotton due to my profession, I sought a masterpiece in cotton products other than shirts, and that is a T-shirt. It is probably one of the most widely distributed textile products in the world. Yet surprisingly, the ultimate T-shirt is not easy to find. This is how the limited project for a T-shirt worthy of being called a "masterpiece" began.

In 2023, marking the 30th anniversary since its founding, the concept for this project is straightforward: "Good things for a long time, cherished." Aimed at creating a piece that becomes more familiar and beloved as it is worn. The ideal material for a T-shirt was selected from among the various cotton options. The fabric typically used for regular T-shirts is about 4 ounces. Now, how far can we push it to its maximum density? The answer is a remarkable 9 ounces! Even T-shirts claiming to be heavyweight around the world are at most 6 to 7 ounces. We will finish this fabric, full of such weightiness, with Kamakura Shirts' meticulous sewing techniques. It is an extravagant masterpiece made with more than twice the amount of cotton compared to regular T-shirts. There will be no concerns about losing its shape or being see-through. The classic fit is timeless. We have packed all these aging designs into a premium T-shirt as part of the commemorative 30th-anniversary limited project.

Please enjoy the long companionship with this masterpiece.

Material Development: Takahiro Sano

Maker's Shirt Kamakura Co., Ltd.