Kamakura Shirts × Aloha Shirts

Kamakura Shirts, founded in 1993, will celebrate its 30th anniversary this November.
In this memorable year,
we express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us by planning special events and items every month.

For the 6th installment of our 30th Anniversary Project,
we proudly present Kamakura Shirts' first-ever Aloha Shirt, the 'KAMALOHA SHIRTS.'

Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a special item that is only available during this occasion.

Why are we making Aloha Shirts now?

The answer lies in the background of Kamakura Shirts.

Located in Kamakura and Shonan, our base, we have a wonderful beach culture deeply rooted in this area.
When considering a shirt that fits this culture, we arrived at the idea of the 'Aloha Shirt.'

However, we didn't just want to create ordinary resort wear. We aimed to create a Kamakura Shirts' original Aloha Shirt that pays attention to every detail, from the print to the sewing and patterns. Thus, 'KAMALOHA SHIRTS' was born.

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary and receive support from people all over the world, this entirely new product was born from a return to the roots of Kamakura, reflecting the essence of our brand.




Proudly boasting a 150-year history of Yokohama dyeing.

When discussing KAMALOHA SHIRTS, an essential aspect is the print fabric hand-printed by Yokohama craftsmen, one edition at a time.

During the late Edo period, Yokohama was a hub for silk distribution, leading to the development of the printing industry known as 'Hama-zome' (Yokohama dyeing). Its technological prowess was on par with the high-end factories in Italy. However, in the current era dominated by mass-produced digital printing, analog hand-printing factories have become scarce.

For this project, we entrusted this rare skill to Yokohama's factory, resulting in an original fabric that reflects the tradition of over 150 years of 'Hama-zome' dyeing.

Making Color Paste

In pursuit of the envisioned ideal colors, several types of dyes are mixed together, and trial and error is repeated. Afterward, by blending the dyes with the paste, a viscous color paste suitable for hand-printing is completed



Skilled craftsmen use original molds and, in teams of two, hand-print on large fabric (approximately 20 meters) manually. Working in perfect harmony, they lower the brush onto the fabric without the slightest deviation. This artisan technique is made possible by the experience and expertise accumulated over many year.


A Warm Texture

Unlike digital printing, hand-printing allows for the expression of deep colors as each piece is meticulously printed with care. The charm of hand-printing lies in its ability to convey a warm texture that can only be achieved by the human touch.




The fabric's printed patterns feature motifs associated with Kamakura.
Designs of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, surfers, and Asiatic Dayflowers are depicted,
allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere of Kamakura.

Color Variation


The collar is adopting the characteristic button-down style of a Kamakura shirt. It has a traditional atmosphere and looks elegant even as an Aloha shirt.

The back button and locker loop serve as accents on the back, embodying the spirit of American Trad, which is a distinctive feature of Kamakura shirts.

The sleeve length allows for a relaxed and comfortable fit, giving it a moderate sense of openness. With less exposed skin, it creates a polished and sophisticated impression.