Kamaloha 2024

This season's "KAMALOHA" collection is designed with "openness" as the key theme. The moment you put on our aloha shirt, you should feel a greater sense of lightness. We have incorporated two patterns into a drapey rayon-cotton fabric, achieving the relaxed atmosphere typical of aloha shirts.

The fitting is designed with a soft touch and roominess in mind. It features the distinctive collar and open collar that are unique to aloha shirts.

While it embodies a relaxed feel with its materials and details, we have refined it elegantly with our proud sewing techniques and patterns.


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The 2024 designs come in two types:
One features "palm trees" as seen from Route 134, which runs along the coast of Kamakura and Shonan, and the other showcases a "batik pattern" with a subtle inclusion of the Mitsuuroko (Hojo clan) crest. Of course, both designs are inspired by the Kamakura area.


The collar design features an open collar, typical of aloha shirts, which exudes a resort-like atmosphere and an open, relaxed look. The buttons are made from white mother-of-pearl, typical of dress shirts. Aiming for a perfect balance of elegance and casualness, we have used cat-eye buttons.

The hem is slightly longer, creating a relaxed look. We recommend wearing it untucked. To ensure a clean silhouette from the side, slits are incorporated into the sides.