Italian Knit Tie

"A knit tie," versatile enough to be combined with various styles, serves as a fashion accent. In today's climate, where business casual attire is more prevalent than ever before, it's a design that blends in effortlessly. This time, we'll introduce the latest addition to our collection: the knit tie.

Established in 1949 in Como, Italy, a city renowned for its textiles, the "ITALIAN KNIT TIE" is crafted by a leading manufacturer representing Italy. This tie is favored by top-tier maison brands for its exceptional quality, cherished by enthusiasts worldwide. Utilizing highly precise knitting machines, it boasts a soft texture and natural knot. The beautiful sheen unique to silk elevates the luxuriousness of this knit tie, even within the realm of casual attire.

Italian-made knit ties are crafted with a lightweight construction that allows them to sway in the wind. They cleverly utilize soft curves and are tailored to fit the body, reflecting the unique taste of Italian clothing. They are more inclined towards shirts with soft collar interlinings and modest collar sizes, ensuring that the tie doesn't overpower the outfit. This results in a "lightly tied knit tie" that contributes to a graceful ensemble. For this collection, we have prepared two designs: one with a rare wide blade and another featuring a classic design reminiscent of the 1980s, with a blade width of 8cm at the tip.

Wide Blade CAOS014AMS
A knit tie with a wide blade blends well with jackets and is easy to incorporate into business attire. The vivid color unique to imported products adds a touch of elegance to the chest area, elevating your style to the next level.

Blade Width 8cm CAOS029AMS
This knit tie, with its blade width of 8cm, creates volume at the knot, adding an elegant touch to your ensemble. In terms of style, it pairs well with larger items overall, particularly when combined with classic wide-sized slacks, creating an appealing look.