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Hello everyone, this is Oomichi. Thank you for your continued patronage of Kamakura Shirts. In this MONTHLY EVENT, I will be talking about the "Capri Shirt," which evokes a summer resort style.

First of all, what is a "Capri Shirt"? Some of you might be wondering. The name "Capri" is derived from the luxury resort area, Capri Island, in Italy. It is generally made from summer-like materials such as linen, is a pullover type that you wear by slipping it over your head, and has a moderate looseness for a relaxed feel. Such shirts are commonly referred to as "Capri Shirts."

At Kamakura Shirts, we have been consistently offering this product every summer for about 10 years. Thank you very much for your continued patronage each year.

Although we primarily focus on business attire at Kamakura Shirts, many of our employees are fond of the Capri Shirt. In fact, when summer comes, we often hear comments like "This is nice," "This is a bit off," "The buttons should be lower," "It's not loose enough, making it hard to pull over," "The fabric feels stiff this year," "No, it feels soft but a bit delicate and unreliable." These differing opinions often clash.

We select the best linen material from Normandy, France. The highest quality linen can only be harvested in certain parts of Europe, such as France and Belgium. Due to climate change, the harvest quantity has been decreasing year by year, and the price continues to rise. Despite the higher cost, we have sourced this material from our long-time supplier without compromising on quality.

The fabric is made with a "left twill weave," which is well-suited for a resort style. Firstly, being a twill weave rather than a plain weave, the fabric gains a moderate thickness and creates a soft drape that conforms to the body.

Furthermore, by intentionally using a "Lefty" weave, where the twill pattern rises to the left rather than the right, the unique sheen and soft texture of linen are even more pronounced.

To put it in more sensory terms, the impression of "coarse" and "robust" fabrics, like denim and chino, which are representatives of right twill weaves, transforms into a "refined sheen" and a "soft and supple" feel when using a left twill weave.

The design of a pullover shirt hinges on the placement and balance of the front buttons.
If the height is too high, it not only makes it difficult to wear but also gives an impression of being somewhat "stifling." Conversely, if it's too low, it looks sloppy.

Next, the design of the collar is crucial. If it's too straight, it creates a stiff impression that mismatches the "resort wear" concept, and if the curve is too strong, it appears gaudy.

Furthermore, to delve into finer details, the width of the placket and the design of the buttons are also important... but to cut it short, we have updated and refined every element, resulting in the latest version that we are confident will satisfy many customers.

Compared to previous years, this Capri shirt is moderately thick, has a sheen, and fully conveys the texture of linen. It pairs excellently with cotton, linen, and light wool, and is perfect for occasions like swimming with shorts. We hope you enjoy a graceful summer with the Capri shirt.

Charcoal Gray
*The actual buttons will be black buttons (black mother-of-pearl)

*The actual buttons will be black buttons (black mother-of-pearl)

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