One-Piece Collar Shirts

Throughout the year, the Product Planning Department and the Online Shop will prepare items each month that are sure to delight everyone.

The sixth item in the series is the "Cotton Linen Italian Collar Shirt." Oomichi from the Men's Shirt Planning Department will provide an explanation.

Men's Direction Manager

Hello everyone, this is Oomichi. Thank you for your continued support of Kamakura Shirts. Today, I will be talking about the "Cotton Linen Italian Collar Shirt."

At first glance, it looks like an ordinary shirt, but it has a distinctive collar design. Usually, shirts are made by creating the body and the collar separately and then attaching them at the end. However, the Italian collar is designed with the collar and the fabric on the inside of the body as one piece.

As a result, when you wear the shirt with the collar button open, the collar naturally forms a beautiful roll.

Because the collar and the body fabric are made as one piece, it is also called a "one-piece collar."

However, out of respect for the fact that this design originated in Italy and was popularized by Italian shirt makers who once provided this style to movie stars, we decided to call it the "Italian collar." According to our staff, this type of shirt brings out a sophisticated charm, especially in older gentlemen..


Now, please bear with me for a bit of trivia.

The fabric of this product is our original material. To combine the refreshing feel of linen with the elegant texture and comfort of cotton, we luxuriously use 100-count SUPIMA double yarn for the warp threads. Generally, using single yarn would suffice.

For the weft threads, we intentionally mixed cotton and linen. If we used 100% linen yarn, it would create a rough texture and look too casual. The resulting material is precisely crafted for the Italian collar shirt.



It pairs well with a work jacket or suit, and it can be worn casually on its own with cotton, denim, or linen pants. We have successfully created such an Italian collar shirt.


As we approach the hot summer season, classic shirts designed to be worn with a tie and jacket are nice, but sometimes you want a shirt that you can wear open-collared, without a tie, and still look stylish even if you take off your jacket!

You'll want at least one in white or blue, perfect for summer and surprisingly easy to coordinate with. Another in lime, which is unexpectedly versatile. And one in your favorite color from the perfectly colored London stripes. So, please consider trying out three!