Open-collar Shirts

Open-minded both physically and mentally
Sheer soccer open-collar shirt

The sheer soccer open-collar shirt adds a refreshing and lively touch to your summer holidays.
The collar opening is modest, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.
It is not only suitable for resort scenes like the sea or beach but also recommended for a stylish town look. Enjoy the urban resort shirt infused with the expertise of a dress shirt shop.

About the Fabric

A soft textured sheer soccer material made with Ice Cotton,
known for its crispness and cool touch. Even when you sweat,
it provides a refreshing and comfortable feel,
and its appearance is also cool and refreshing.
One of its attractive features is that it can be worn without ironing,
allowing for a casual, washed look.


Even with a serious white shirt,
opting for an open collar and sheer soccer fabric gives a pleasantly relaxed impression.
The small-sized collar allows for the option of buttoning up the top button to create a more polished look,
which is also recommended.

Model 178cm 67kg wearing size L


A sharp and refined navy color. It elevates the look of a striped T-shirt to a more sophisticated and polished maritime style. It's truly a perfect piece for a grown-up casual holiday outfit.


The natural texture of olive green is delightful and comforting.
It can be paired with white pants for a fresh and lively look,
or combined with beige chinos for a sophisticated and refined ensemble.
Both options are highly recommended.

Model 173cm 66kg wearing size L