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Kamakura Shirts has been pursuing high-quality products since its establishment 30 years ago.

Not only the technical aspects such as patterns and tailoring, but we especially focus on "materials" and "threads". There is a unique dedication of a shirt specialty store, with carefully selected materials from various countries and specially developed threads in-house.

The relentless pursuit of quality materials
Premium Cotton Series

For those who have a keen interest in dresswear, many would undoubtedly prioritize their preference for cotton. Just like patterns and tailoring, selecting the right material is essential for creating high-end dress shirts. Leveraging our accumulated experience, we carefully select premium cotton from around the world. Each type of cotton has its own unique characteristics, depending on the style and how it's worn.

The origin of all Extra Long Staple Cotton

American Sea Island Cotton

American Sea Island Cotton (US-grown Sea Island Cotton) inherits 100% of the DNA of Sea Island Cotton, the origin of all existing Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton (luxury cotton). Its appearance and feel exude a noble atmosphere, often compared to "silk" or "cashmere".

It is said that only 0.01% of the world's cotton harvest can be obtained from Sea Island Cotton, yet Kamakura Shirts offers a rich variety of options.

One of the world's three major cottons


GIZA96 is a type of Egyptian cotton, which is known as one of the world's three major cottons. Among the various types of Giza cotton assigned numbers in order of development, GIZA96 is the newest variety of extra-long staple cotton. With a high oil content, it boasts a deep luster and smooth texture. The woven fabric has a firmness to it, providing an exceptional wearing experience that makes you feel like your posture straightens when you put it on.

Embracing Softness


Suvin Gold is an extra-long staple cotton meticulously cultivated in designated farms in South India and handpicked. By handpicking, the cotton is delivered to the spinning factory in a soft state without damaging the cotton fibers. The type of cotton is "Suvin". Among them, the title of "Gold" is given only to the 1st and 2nd pickings that have absorbed the best nutrients from the soil. It boasts a soft and supple texture, elegant luster, and beautiful coloration. We used finely spun yarn of 150 counts, allowing you to enjoy the luxurious feel unique to high-count yarns.

Effortless yet Refined

Premium Circular Knitting

The top-tier line of knit shirts. We've utilized high-quality Supima cotton on the fabric's surface and high-functionality polyester on the inner side, which offers excellent opacity and easy-care properties. From its glossy sheen to its smooth texture, it hardly feels like knitwear at all. It's the ultimate piece you'd want to pair even with classical suits.


Executive Elegance
High-Thread-Count Dress Shirts

When threads become finer, they exhibit increased delicacy, resulting in higher thread counts. Generally, thread counts of 80 and above are considered "high count," setting the standard for luxury shirts.

At Kamakura Shirts, we offer a wide range of threads tailored to different purposes, from 40-count threads used in casual shirts like Oxford fabric, to threads as fine as 400-count, which we pride ourselves on as being the finest in the world.

The World's Finest High-Thread-Count Shirt


A collaboration between Kamakura Shirts and the textile expertise of Unichika Style in Okayama, renowned for its high spinning technology, resulted in the development of this premium material.

Using the legendary raw cotton "Suvin Gold," the shirts are made entirely in Japan, from spinning to weaving and sewing, representing the pinnacle of Japanese craftsmanship.

Kamakura Shirts is the only place in the world where you can experience a 400-thread-count shirt firsthand.

Add a Touch of Sophistication to Your Everyday Attire

200 & 300

Elevate your everyday dress style with our 200 and 300 thread count shirts. Crafted from delicate, fine-threaded luxury yarns twisted together, they offer the perfect balance of resilience and strength, making them versatile pieces suitable for both formal and business settings.