Rib Polo Shirt

This Summer, Wear Rib Polo

100% cotton pique fabric made of rare raw cotton. To make the most of it, we created a polo shirt with ribbed collar and sleeves that combines sportiness with elegance. It's easy to incorporate into any scene of your daily life, such as relaxing at home, walking around the city, driving, or spending time along the coast, and will make you want to cherish the summer days.


American Sea Island Cotton

Called "the miracle cotton," American Sea Island Cotton is the highest quality ultra-long cotton grown in the melt water of the Rocky Mountains and in an environment suitable for cultivation. It has a gentle touch that makes you feel at ease. We used this fabric only in white so that you can fully experience the charm of this cotton. The traceable tag allows you to track the creation process.

Polo Shirt: YL220010
Colo: White



BIO FUSION, the reliable organic cotton made by Albini of France. Ethical and sustainable cotton, which means it is organic from the soil, is blended with the American-born ultra-long cotton Supima cotton, and specializes in melange-like and deep colors. We have it available in gray and blue, two colors that are easy to style. The unassuming shades make the rib polo shirt even more elegant.

Polo Shirt: YL220115
Colo: Gray


Rib Polo Shirt / Price: 130.00 USD