Short Sleeve Jersey Shirt


More elegant than a polo shirt, Easier than a dress shirt,
The pique fabric makes summer outfits cool and comfortable.
While casual polos are commonly associated with pique fabric,
Kamakura Shirts proposes a pique jersey knit shirt with the tailoring of a dress shirt.
It strikes a perfect balance, not too casual like a polo shirt,
yet more relaxed than a dress shirt. Designed to perfectly match your current mood.


The pique fabric is characterized by its smooth and light texture. It uses fibers with excellent moisture-wicking properties, allowing you to stay comfortable even in sweaty seasons. The subtle irregularities in the fabric create a sophisticated impression, making it perfect for dressy occasions.

The shirt features a well-balanced and relaxed body pattern, allowing for comfortable wear. The silhouette highlights the unique smoothness of the pique fabric, ensuring a pleasant feel against the skin. Additionally, the shirt has stretchability, making it suitable for a wide range of body types, ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

The greatest feature of jersey knit fabric is its stretchability. It stretches and conforms to the body, providing a stress-free wearing experience. This business shirt is recommended not only for those who lead an active lifestyle but also for individuals who spend long hours doing desk work.

Color Variation

The shirt is available in four colors:
White, Sax Blue, Slate Blue, and Gray Blue.
These simple color options are suitable for the business scene and complement
the refreshing and deep pique fabric.
Whether you pair it with wool slacks, chino pants, or even denim,
it will perfectly match a wide range of outfits

Light Blue

Slate Blue

Gray Blue