Summer Style For Business

In the hot and humid business scene of Japan,
the most crucial point is how to dress coolly.
Equally important is whether the attire is suitable for business and smart-looking.
This time, we will introduce recommended items from Kamakura Shirts
to stay cool and stylish during the upcoming summer in a sophisticated manner.


By designing the back panel to be shorter,
it achieves a sharp and beautiful appearance when viewed from the front. The sleeves also fall along the arms, creating a clean and neat impression.

Short-sleeved Dress Shirt

The short-sleeved dress shirt is an essential item for summer office casual style. Since it is often worn without a jacket, the pattern and fit of the shirt itself directly impact the overall impression of the outfit.

Kamakura Shirts' short-sleeved shirts are not only cool but also infused with elements that make them look stylish. They will undoubtedly become a strong ally for a cool biz style.



Short-sleeved Jersey Shirt

This is the short-sleeved version of Kamakura Shirts' classic easy-care jersey shirt. It excels in stretchability, providing a stress-free and comfortable wearing experience. Its appearance is indistinguishable from a regular shirt, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the business scene. Another notable feature is its polyester blend, which ensures quick drying, making it a convenient choice.


Polo Shirt

The polo shirt has become a classic summer business style. It features a collar designed like a dress shirt, giving it a crisp collar stand and a professional look suitable for business settings. It appears polished without being too formal, making it the perfect item for today's scene.




Long Sleeved Shirt With Breathable Material

With excellent breathability and a cool touch, this fabric keeps you cool and comfortable even with long sleeves. By rolling up the sleeves, you can easily adjust your body temperature, making it suitable for a wide range of environments, from hot and humid outdoors to air-conditioned indoors.



"Ice Cotton" is a fabric that achieves a perceived temperature of minus 3 degrees Celsius. It combines a crisp texture and a cooling sensation, while also maintaining a dressy appearance. It is highly shape-stable and easy to iron, which adds to its appeal.