Summer Dress Shirts

Kamakura Shirts offers a variety of dress shirts made from cooling materials, making them ideal for the unpredictable temperatures of early summer in business settings.

These long-sleeve dress shirts in cooling fabrics are not only suitable to wear on their own but also allow for smart temperature regulation by rolling up the sleeves during hot weather.

Kamakura Shirt provides a range of dress shirts that you can wear according to your style and occasion.


The representative masterpiece of Kamakura Shirt is the "PALPA" Easy Care Shirt. We have achieved a combination of the appearance and texture of 100% cotton and shape retention using an easy-care material, giving it a crisp feel with a Panama weave. The fabric feels smooth on the skin and doesn't cling even when sweating, allowing for a comfortable wear throughout the day. Due to the polyester blend, it also offers quick-drying properties, making it a great dress shirt for the humid summer when laundry takes longer to dry.



The "ICE COTTON" by Swiss company Spoerry is an ultra-twisted yarn. The yarn has been minimized in terms of fuzziness and offers excellent cool touch, with a perceived body temperature of -3 degrees. It also possesses wrinkle resistance and strength, making it easy to care for. With the ability to express not only broadcloth but also woven patterns, it can be versatile for various styles ranging from jacket and trousers combinations to suit ensembles.



The "LENO CLOTH" is a mesh-like woven fabric known as "Karami-ori." It offers excellent breathability, allowing refreshing air to pass through, resulting in a cool and comfortable dress shirt. Due to its textured surface, even solid colors have depth, making it stylish to wear on its own. Using a special weaving machine, it is a rare and sought-after cooling material in the market.